Black Heaven on Blue Danube

Hash Wednesday with two American eclectic psychedelic rock bands


on 8 AUG in BUDAPEST at A38


EARTHLESS is heavy psychedelic rock trio. Creating energetic, utterly unique and free thinking mainly instrumental music inspired by an eclectic semi-improvised mix of German krautrock – like Guru Guru, Amon Düül II – and Japanese heavy blues-rock bands like Flower Travelling Band or Blues Creation. But there are other stuffs which are affecting their music e.g. and especially the first three ZZ Top albums, the Aussie post-punk band Scientists, lots of jazz like old Coltrane and Thelonious Monk or some mid-60s garage rock bands. But for me their music often cites when Black Sabbath played with Jimmy Hendrix at an acid jam session in my mind.

Their new album BLACK HEAVEN released this year on Nuclear Blast Records. You can listen to it in full entirety.

The other band will be the PALLBEARER that lysergic night. They are mixing progressive rock in its classical sense, alterative rock of the nineties and the timeless weight of doom.

So the best if you accept your fate and take a psychedelic mind trip at full tilt and celebrate Hash Wednesday with them that night on the spot.

Slovenly, Solo Male, Gay, Hunks, Handjob, HD

Új zenekar a Black Gladiator/Slovenly Recordings-nál (a Slovenly alkiadója a Black Gladiator ami a durvább vagy punkosabb, trash-esebb cuccokat adja ki. A Black Gladiatort Peter haverje Bazooka Joe nyomatja), szeptember hetedikén ki is jön majd egy öt számos kislemez, aminek egyik dalára videó is készült, ami olyan jóra sikeredett, hogy a kiadó a szokásos promóciós csatornákat (fb yt) bölcsen megkerülve egyből egy melegpornó oldalra tette fel azt.
A zenekar (Puppy and the Handjobs) vezetője és a videó főszereplője Jamie Paul Lamb, akinek a We’re Loud dupla válogatásalbumot köszönhetjük, amiről itt írtunk bővebben >> LINK <<


A képre kattintva megtalálod az xxx kategóriás videót.
Ha úgyérzed, hogy felzaklatna, akkor ne kattints.

Az 1971- es születésű Lamb a 90-es években jött-ment az USA-ban négysávos Yamaha MT50- es magnójával és felvételeket készített mindenféle punk / garage bandáknak miközben ő maga is jó néhányban zenélt plusz igyekezett megszabadulni erős heroin függőségétől. Ami hol sikerült, hol nem. Leszokás, visszaszokás, hepa c, halott zenésztársak stb.
Főleg a Houston-Phoenix-New York tengely mentén mozgott és rögzített, játszott mániákusan és igen jó ízléssel. Ezek a felvételek csak 2015-ben jelentek meg a már említett We ‘re Loud válogatáson, addig különböző kazettákon pihentek. A teljes dupla album meghallgatható >> ITT <<
Gitár, basszus, dob, billentyűsök, ének -minden megyen Jamie-nek! Igaz a fő csapás a punk és a power pop, de van minden a tarsolyban free jazztől az exotica-ig, garage funk-ig.
free jazz >> ITT <<
folk >> ITT <<
MTV/radio punk >> ITT <<
soul/r&b >> ITT <<
punk RnR >> ITT <<
garage funk >> ITT <<
Na, de ezeket, csak úgy kedvességből gyűjtögettem össze, mert itt van Jamie bandcamp oldalán töményen kábé minden >> ITT<<

Ja és el ne felejtsem! Kurvajó easy listening / exotica Dj is ám. Itt van pár mix feltöltve >> ITT <<


A Slovenly idő közben felnyomott 3 számot a Puppy-tól!!!

French Revolutionary Dance Upset


8. Sapin
9, 20, 39: Stereo Total
15. The Monkberry Moon Orchestra
41. Brigitte Bardot

How To Disappear Completely

Portuguese blues passionate THE LEGENDARY TIGERMAN began a solo career in 2000. He plays with the clichés of rocker macho, fascinated by the 50’s aesthetics

His 6th album MISFIT was inspired by Dave Richmond’s book How To Disappear Completely and Never Be Found. He imagined the journey of a man called Misfit who wanted to lose himself in the desert and actually become nothing. Therefore, in May 2016, The Legendary Tigerman i.e. PaoloFurtado and his image crew headed to Los Angeles and film a psychedelic adventure in the form of a road movie between Los Angeles and Death Valley, about the philosophically disturbed journey of a man searching to become nothing.

There Furtado spent his days writing the diaries of this imaginary man, acting, while at night, in motel rooms across the California deserts, armed with a Gibson SG. The album was recorded in Joshua Tree, in the heart of the Mojave Desert.

“We lived the slow desert life, between the studio, the Joshua Tree Saloon, and the Pappy and Harriets, a pub in Pioneer Town, where we went to enjoy some live music. While Dave cooked some amazing Louisiana and Tex-Mex dishes for dinner, fueled with red wine, Modelo beer and Tequila, we recorded the songs in live takes, and then built the wall of sound with overdubs.”

But we now go to Japan. The clip “Motorcycle Boy” is equal parts documentary and music video. Offers a raw glimpse into the slowly vanishing culture of Bōsōzoku – the motorcycle gangs that once ruled the roads of Japan back in the 90’s:

Just Leaving Footsteps in The Snow


PRIMO! is a raw minimal guitar pop band from Melbourne with the two girls from one of the most amazing Australian pop bands TERRY. Their short, beautifully simple and purposeful songs reference the 40-hour working week, the city, bureaucracy, walking, a ghost and a mirage:

They are going to European tour in August. And also there will be a TERRY tour in Europe in September.

AMICI will release on 13 July on UPSET THE RYTHM RECORDS (UK)


Fast & Loud


JOHNNY MAFIA hails from Sens, Burgundy (which is known more for it’s wheat and cereal production than rock ‘n’ roll) and bring a young, snotty, explosive and ferociously fun energy that drives audiences into a near-frenzy. Inspired by classics like The Ramones, T-Rex, and The Clash, they also draw heavily on contemporary acts like
Ty Segall, Jay Reatard, and the Wavves. The band have just released the video single for BIG BRAWL

after recently finishing recording and mastering their sophomore album PRINCES DE L’AMOUR with producer JIM DIAMOND – who was the bass player of Dirtbombs and produced albums for The Sonics, Andre Williams, The John Spencer Blues Explosion, White Stripes and countless others.

Jim was forced to shut the doors at his studio Ghetto Recorders in 2015 due to what can only be described as “hipsterfication in the downtown Detroit area when his landlord doubled his rent. He set up a new base in Montpellier, and continues his prolific presence across the scene, working with bands as far and wide from Cambodia to Cleveland. In recent years, Diamond has become something of an unofficial in-house label producer/engineer at DIRTY WATER RECORDS.

The album PRINCES DE L’AMOUR will release on 9 November on DIRTY WATER RECORDS (UK).


From Perpignan with Love


French cavemen on shroom play psychedelic but raw garage rock
under the influence of Z-movies and Syd Barrett.
Their music is similar to Destination Lonely or Cheater Slicks.
Listen to it here.

+ French hardcore punk band ZARMA FRAULEIN.
Listen to them here.



Both come from Perpignan‘s gipsy quarter.


South London Calling

Now you can listen to the split CD single of two strange South London bands. On the one hand H0NKIES play a blend of South-London scuzz incorporating elements country, electronic, post-punk and lo-fi. File next to bands such as these South London fellows: Goat Girl, Meatraffle, Warmduscher and Peeping Drexels, but also Rebel and Country Teasers of course.  And thye are really just “like a drunken boat.”

On the other part PEEPING DREXELS play sleazy melodies with sloppy beats from South London scum. It’s music for horrible people like you.

It is released on PERMANENT CREEP RECORDS. Order here.


Seine Flows Through Eastern Europe


Zagreb based trio SEINE is an ancient project of Ivan Ščapec – from melodic noise punk band Vlasta Popic – which finally turned into a band. They play strummy, acoustic, punky, noisy, alternative, psychedelic, folky, angsty and hearty music, defined by dreamy acoustic guitar textures, psychedelic bass lines and spirited drum patterns.

They are on Eastern Europen tour to promote their debut album Sno Sna. Don’t miss them: 27.5. Art Café Barakah, Kraków (PL) / 28.5. Hajovna, Žilina (SK) / 29.5. Klub Lúč, Trenčín (SK) / 31.5. Auróra, Budapest (HU) / 1.6. Grand Café, Szeged (HU) / 2.6. Slamanje, Osijek (HR)


A Tale of Barbarity, Sorrow, and Vengeance


HOTEL LUX tells a tale of barbarity, sorrow, and vengeance. It is an attempt to step into the British realist tradition of portraying the most vulgar and distorted aspects of the communities they (we) live in:

7″ single will be released on Big Score Records in June. Listen and preorder!

You can listen to more songs of them here. Anyway Hotel Lux was the abode of exiled or escaped foreigner communist cadres in Moscow between 1921-54. They lived in fear there because nobody knew who would be labeled as a terrorist, traitor, conspirator or heretic next day.

On The Spot with Xeno

at the darkest hole of Budapest


– Hi! Are you Xeno or Oaklander?

– I’m Xeno.

– What are your favourite Hungarian music?

– Korda.

And after a short discussion with Oaklander she said:

Új Látásmód Fúzió, Alpár, Koyanisquatzi, Hungarian Dracula*, but last year we made a live radio show with our favorite Hungarian music for the London based radio station NTS. It contains Katalin Karády, Új Látásmód Fúzió, Csermanek Lakótelep, Alpár, Trabant and Pal I, Prince Esterhazy of Galántha, Palatine of the Kingdom of Hungary, who also was a composer and wrote numerous cantatas:

*Very strange. I did not hear the name of Koyanisquatzi in the past 15 years. It was a great ritual rock band in Szeged in the late 80s and early 90s. And for the first time I got news about the darkwave band Hungarian Dracula from same place and same period like Koyanisquatzi.

Anyway, XENO & OAKLANDER are a cold minimal synth pop duo from Brooklyn. They are on European tour now.


Khruangbin – In an Aeroplane Over the World

Air Khruang is the sonic flight booking company of the Texas based psychedelic funk trio called Khruangbin. Behind such a pseudo company there has to be a music savvy band and their sound totally reinforces these expectations. The name Khruangbin simply means aeroplane in Thai by the way. Bassist Laura Lee and guitarist Mark Speer both wear weird wigs to disguise themselves (mainly in order to distance themselves from their other musical projects).

Guess what! They are music freaks specializing in worldwide funk and psychedelic relics especially from 70’s Asia (which was on the other hand heavily inspired by the contemporary US funk explosion). This way Khruangbin does not only ‘take back’ psychedelic funk music to the US but the result is a rich and smooth sonic adventure suitable either for solitary retreats or sensual evenings to be buried in soothing sounds.

For Khruangbin there aren’t really live or studio versions of their songs. They started out playing in a barn in the middle of nowhere in Texas enabling them to jam to an audience of cows. Ever since then, their albums are entirely live recorded, particularly in locations with a natural sound environment. Oddly enough they usually learn the spontaneously recorded jams to be able to perform them later at shows the same way, so the recordings are almost identical to their live shows (or vice versa, to be precise… ).

Their latest album Con Todo El Mundo has been released this January and vinyls are still available for sale.

So if you fell for the recent hype around Khun Narin from Thailand, give Khruangbin a listen at their Bandcamp or at Spotify.

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