After more than 10 albums QUINTRON‘s first book EUROPA MY MIRROR is recently released by GONER RECORDS. Illustrated by the amazing Miss Pussycat!


Ostensibly it is a chronicle of Quintron’s last European tour, but the book is just as much about the myriad illusions of American identity. The tales are funny and thrilling and mostly true and someone almost dies on every page.

“If Dr. Frankenstein were working with raw material from Madame Curie, Delia Derbyshire, James Brown, and Wilhelm Reich, the result might be something like QUINTRON. Underground inventor, composer, record maker, impresario, and performer par excellence. There is nothing and no one like him and this is his first book and it’s a gas!” – said Ian Svenonious – musician: Nation Of Ulysses, The Make-Up, Chain & The Gang, Escape-ism, and writer.

Quintron is a nightclub organist (and member of Gary Wrong Group) who runs an electronics repair shop/recording studio called Spellcaster Lodge in New Orleans. He invented a mechanically-rotating, light-activated drum machine called Drum Budy. His current project is centered around a weather-controlled synthesizer he made called WEATHER WARLOCK designed to produce mellow, healing tones, randomly modulated by sun, rain, wind, and temperature.

WEATHER WARLOCK also is a band. Their first album Sunset Waits For No Man was recorded with Weather Warlock on the Gulf Coast with Quintron, Aaron Hill (EYEHATEGOD, Missing Monuments), Gary Wrong (Wizzard Sleeve, Vatican Dagger) together with two New Orleans free jazz sax players to glue this mass of southern scum rock:

Weather Warlock’s second album Headless Falcon was made by the core group with with a handful of local musicians in Abu Dhabi.

Raw, Unworked, but Structured Music


For twenty years API UIZ was a polyrhythmic multicolored punky math rock-like trio from Bordeaux. They have influenced an entire generation of French musicians by the ferociously independent way they play and produce “raw, unworked, but structured music” which was the title of their debut album: Musique brute et non travaillée mais structurée.


Since 2015 API UIZ is a quintet. “Peplum”, their first album with the extended line up released now on 12″ vinyl on Kythibong, Les Potagers Natures, Mon Cul C’est Du Tofu, La République Des Granges, Attila Tralala (Belgium) and Red Wig Records (Germany):

Spray Paint with Dan Melchior


– Zac Ives daughter Anna knows our true spirit:


Last spring Texan label Monofonus invited Dan Melchior to Austin to record with local post punk idiots Spray Paint. Over a week or so beers were drank and songs were hammered out. The result is a Krauty-Crazy Horse-y blending of these two distinct artists. Dan Melchior (ex-Broke Revue) is a highly talented British musician. He comes from garage punk, worked together with Billy Childish, Holly Golightly and Walker Russel (Pheromoans), and usually makes experimental other music.

Their collaborative album under the name of Contributors out now. This record is the second in a series of Spray Paint collaborations that will be coming out on different labels. The 1st  with Ben Mackie from Aussie punk band Cuntz was released this September on 12XU Records.

Sometimes Art is Scarf


ART IS HARD is a small independent record label in Bristol (UK) run by two friends influenced by the attitude and ethics of labels such as Factory, Wichita, Anticon and Dischord. They have a strange habit: release things – mainly postcards – with music, but they published a scarf with download code too.

To celebrate their seventh birthday they asked seven label artists  Samuel Stacpoole from Black Tambourines, KEEL HER, /please/, The Death of Pop, Shunkan, Gorgeous Bully, Oro Swimming Hour to record a 50 second song. Each track is an infectious burst of garage balladry, lo-fi bliss or trademark jangle:

300 copies black 7″ flexidisc with gold foil artwork with a postcard containing a download code. And if you would like to get postcards with music regularly then join the club.


Post-happymonday post and post-salute to the post-punk lo-fi Maraudeur from Geneva, Switzerland, who were swirling through England last week!

After some tapes and an orange flexidisc this is their first LP released by the Parisian Bruit Direct Disques, the association for brick throwers, worldwide.

The vid of Nothing Will Change was recorded by the Californian Oakland based The Grassy Null Studio on VHS. The recording studio has been supporting such bands like Meat Market, Froth or Charlie Megira through years

If a swimming pool scene had a match and described a band that would be the prime for the Maraudeur: Strange Afternoon In The Swimming Pool + Hesher

more mix and match

Hidden Track (split Maraudeur/Purpur Spytt) + Julie and Franc’s sexually aroused scene from Francois Ozon’s Swimming Pool.
Dust Dries on It’s Rest (Maraudeur) + Hot Rod‘s wacky pool scene in the direction of The Lonely Island trio.
Poor Creatures That We Are (split Maraudeur/Purpur Spytt) + Spielberg’s Jaws opening scene






A rebel, the founder of the Stay Up Forever record label and collective, which has been going against the mainstream since ’93.

Turning from the punk towards techno raves in the early 90s, started hosting-supporting squat and warehouse parties, thus created their own crowd and party scene in London. Linked up with the Conspiracy and Bedlam Sound System for Chris and his friends it was a forthright move to the Spiral Tribe and its traveller scene. Then they got involved in such free raves as Lechlade and Castlemorton Common Fest in ’92. Now it was really only within a reach to set up a record label which represents their sound and keeps up this network.

As the collective began with spinning some of those German producers’s records like Hardfloor (who can be considered as one of the pioneers of the acid sound) their own way led to the evolution of the acid techno: the fusion of goa, hard trance, techno and acid house which in time became fast and grungy; fine tuned by raw, anarchist vibes.

So this November the label celebrates the 25th anniversary of it’s existence, the never-ending 90’s, the everlasting raves.


Retroflex Presents Liberator 25



Prophet and provocateur IAN SVENONIUS, the writer of books THE PSYCHIC SOVIET and CENSORSHIP NOW!!, who runs the cynic rock and roll band CHAIN & THE GANG,

in 1990 he was chosen “the most perfect boyfriend material” and got the title “SASSIEST BOY OF AMERICA” by teen girl mag Sassy, next year his Washington DC hc-punk band THE NATION OF ULYSSES released its debut album 13-POINT PROGRAM TO DESTROY AMERICA.

Later he tried to flee marketing culture with his psychedelic gospel group THE MAKE-UP. During their way they were hunted by mysterious government agencies as you can watch it in their film Blue Is Beautiful.

Now this sassiest boy introduces you to the art of ESCAPE-ISM with his brand new poetic one-man rock and roll show and album. This full show was shot in the Hungarian town Szeged this summer at JAZZ KOCSMA somewhere around Mullholland Drive


will be released in November on Merge Records (US)


London 18/11  Manchester 19/11  Glasgow 20/11  Nottingham 21/11


“I like rotten expensive arrogant self-destructive white male culture. Punk was too energetic and positive for me.” Ben Wallers



The Wall is recognized as one of the most famous concept albums of all time. Bass guitarist Roger Waters conceived the album as a rock opera during Pink Floyd’s 1977 In the Flesh Tour, when his frustration with the audience became so acute that he spat on them. Its story, which follows themes of abandonment and personal isolation, explores Pink, a character whom Waters modeled after himself and Syd Barrett who one time was the main songwriter of the band, but was fired owing to psychedelic behaviour in 1968. Later he turned into a silent mad. Well, Pink’s life begins with the loss of his father during the Second World War, and continues with abuse from his schoolteachers, an overprotective mother, and the breakdown of his marriage; all contribute to his eventual self-imposed isolation from society, represented by a metaphorical wall.

Ben Wallers said about: – I don’t find Roger’s lyrics embarrassing if I listen to The Wall with my Mom; but if I listen to Animals with my Dad, I get embarrassed and have to go to the toilet, sorry I mean bathroom.


Anyway Waters is the really interesting character for me. A hopeless case, an utter shit-head. Brilliant character actor and composer. But I have to confess it was burnt into me at age 11/12/13 when I got into ‘Dark Side of the Moon’, ‘A Collection of Great Dance Songs’, ‘The Final Cut’ and ‘The Wall’. I loved them unquestioningly.

So much so that he and Alastair Mackinven also from Country Teasers now show you THE DARK SIDE OF THE WALL on their song for song interpretation triple album under name of THE STALLION.

Apropos of their work they quote inaccurately the cop who shuts the jailcell gate on Woody Allen’s character in “Deconstructing Harry”: – Let me give you some advice: YOU’RE IN DEEP SHIT.

It will release soon on IN THE RED RECORDS (US)


The Devils’ Iron Butt

South Italian wild garage rock and roll band THE DEVILS

where the drummer shows herself as a nun and the guitarist as a priest

in these video they make occult, violent and cruel acts like did the Holy Inquisition

but that dog was fed with so pointed fork that was dangerous like their new album




French psych garage rock and roll band JACK OF HEART and Canadian country rock and roll band STRAWBERRY SUN in BUDAPEST at RNR666 PARTY 17/9/2017 > CLICK



Not trivilal that Piero Ilov (JOH) and Jeff Clarke (SS) are members of Canadaian garage rock band DEMON’S CLAWS.


ULTRAPANK – speciális programajánló az idei UH Festhez punkoknak

Ha azt gondolod, hogy az UH FEST 2017 csak és kizárólag a Zefyr-szerű zene-gourméknak érdekes, akkor kábé ugyanazt gondolod, amit én magam is gondoltam: egészen tegnapig. Fogtam ugyanis magamat, felültem a csepeli hévre, ahol az első velem szembe jövő koszos punkgyerek kezébe adtam a vasárnap induló UH Fest részletes programfüzetét. Kiváncsi voltam, hogy lesz-e az idei UH fellépők között olyan, akire felcsillan majd a szeme. Az alábbi cikkben a csepeli punkkal lefolyt beszélgetésem olvasható.

(képünk illusztráció)

– Szevasz!
– Mi van? Tovább / Read more »

HANGVERSENY – Acid Mothers Temple @ A38

space-saraswatiMakoto Kawabata évtizedek óta él a német és angolszász hard-rock / prog-rock bűvöletében. A hetvenes évek végén Osakában már a punk és a new wave uralta a zenei színteret és ugyan Makoto ekkoriban vágott bele a zenekar- és hangszerépítésbe (szó szerint), de nem nagyon bánta, hogy a kedvenc nyugati zenéi hatására írt zenéi a barátain kívül aligha fognak mást érdekelni a környezetében. Azóta megszámolhatatlan kollaboráció (például egy kevésbé híres együttműködés az Afrirampóval) és albumhossznyi zenei meditáció nyélbe ütése után a mai formájában nagyjából húsz éve működő Acid Mothers Temple bárhova megy, megtalálja a barátait. Sőt, ha úgy tetszik, akkor az Acid Mothers Temple esetében zenekart és közönséget egyaránt a kontextustól és a zenei műfajtól független élmény hajtja egymás felé, azaz a legtisztább értelemben vett pszichedelikus élmény.

Nem is nagyon lehet meglepődni Makoto Kawabata turnénaplóján, melyben többszörösen felbukkanó motívumok például: lemezboltozás, pénz híján szállodai vízforralóban való főzés, bolhapiacozás, gitárgyújtogatás és kölcsönös tisztelet a közönséggel. Érdemes megnézni egyébként az Amoeba által készített Acid Mothers Temple epizódot, ha eddig még nem jött volna meg a kedv zeneboltozni a zenekarral. Szóval egy biztos: pénteken az A38 hajón jófej audiofilek játszanak jóej audiofileknek, csalódás kizárt!

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