Sex Judas


Sex Judas brought David Holmes to my mind. There was a summertime open-air party in Budapest, and he was late because of police problems. Hours went after hours. When he finally arrived at dawn I was drunk and smoked so much that I was not able to speak normally. And after he started to play I was just shouting and wallowing on the grass. Same feeling.

Norwegian producer Tore Gjedrem of Ost & Kjex channels his love of comix, bohemia and fascination with human vice, the unspoken, the Red Light districts, the alleys of the mind into his alter ego Sex Judas. He is no bad character but certainly says what it’s author cannot.

“I wanted to create a world where any musical idea is possible, wound together by the world and word of Judas, the ultimate sinner, reborn as a child of Venus.”

The album GO DOWN JUDAS was made with contributions by his friends in the Oslo scene as hometown legend Dj Pål Strangefruit Nyhus, composer Ole-Henrik Moe, jazzpianist Bugge Wesseltoft, Sidiki Camara from Mali playing that beautiful Ngoni, and multi instrumentalist Ivar Snuten Winther. Music inspiration ranges from Africa to 80’s NYC, from Bohannon to Quasimoto, from Norwegian New Wave to Acid House. It touches anything from blues, funk, disco and post-punk to IDM, acid house and electronic explorer music. And it’s a fuckin funny album:

The album comes as a 2 x LP and Digital release on OPTIMO MUSIC on May 25th. Distributed by Kompakt.

Sex Judas on Spotify


Meanwhile in Epping Forest

I love if a band can make me some laugh with their music like
DOG CHOCOLATE from London.
By their own words, they perhaps play sloppy, messy, silly and jerky punk music:

Jono plays a couple of drums, Matthew plays a guitar and a load of pedals, Rob plays another guitar and sings some songs and Andrew sings most the songs and plays another guitar and sings some songs and Andrew sings most the songs and plays percussive keyboard when he’s not. They write songs without thinking too much about things that make them feel a lot, as it sez in the song “It’s About Giving A Shit” but at the same time not giving a shit!! It says more too, but dont worry about that now.



A Mix Of Old But Perhaps Eternal American Tunes

Cadillac born New Orleans based American traditionalist LUKE WINSLOW-KING plays a mix of old, but maybe eternal American tunes with his band: ragtime, country, blues, gospel, dixie, bluegrass, jazz, rock and roll with minimal and occasionally brass band orchestration.

New album BLUE MESA out soon on BLOODSHOT RECORDS (US)

“BLUE MESA” on Bandcamp

LWK on Spotify


Satan In Love



Title song by EMILIA

She is internationally maybe the most sought-after Finnish disco 7”. Released in 1981, it was the debut single of the singer Anne Luoto under this moniker. Her experiments in cosmic Italo disco didn’t find any positive feedback from the Finnish rock critics, but luckily it didn’t stop her from making a highly collectible album also. Even though the eponymous album (1982) includes many quality tracks – and also her debut single Satan In Love – the standout track in her repertoire is this strange love song with devilish lyrics. The original track was released by Italian disco project La Bellini in 1978 and this Finnish version from three years later uses the same backing track. Anne Luoto had a very interesting day job – she was a calligrapher.

If you want to know more and you are curious about the Finnish lyrical version of this song by Fredi you need to buy this double LP. It comes with an essay about early Finnish electronic music by Mikko Mattlar: DJ, journalist and historian on Finnish music.


40 Years Nihilism and Rage – The Outsiders of The Australian Underground

This year the legendary unknown raw and wild synth-punk band PRIMITIVE CALCULATORS turns into 40. They (we) celebrate it with their third album ON DRUGS.

The band started in 1978, in the same place and same time than the Birthday Party. After a single they relocated to London, in same time than the Birthday Party, and promptly broke up in 1980. But there was a post-split-up single under the name of Zye Ye Ye in England in 1981. The first album was released in 1980. It’s a live recording of a gig supporting the Boys Next Door in 1979. The Boys Next Door was renamed to Birthday Party.

In 1986 they reunited for the sake of a film and relesed an EP but there were nothing new but a remix on it. In the early 2000s they were discovered, records were reissued together with unreleased live and other recordings. Then they have reformed in 2009 at the request of Nick Cave for the first All Tommorrow’s Pary in Australia.

First studio album THE WORLD IS FUCKED was released in 2013. And now the third album finally here. It is a little bit different than the others. Heartbreak and loss also appear beside nihilism and rage at the world. Even, there is a ballad, a dark, nasty, dire dirge.



An Empty Bliss Beyond Old Budapest


The enigmatically beautiful Katalin Kirby
has made an album from tunes of a lost world as

The Cartaker.


Nothing problem if you don’t know about that world too much because you can feel what they felt between two world wars in Hungary:

1. Summer Brought Me To Your Grey Plains pt I 0:00
2. Moments Of Gravity Undefined 4:02
3. Javor’s Delay 7:12
4. An Empty Bliss Beyond Old Budapest 10:44
5. A Great Beautiful Nothing Out Of Sight 14:29
6. I’m So Into You, Mr Javor 16:19
7. The Senorita Departs In A Flying Saucepan 21:16
8. The Universe Hurts So Bad 23:30
9. Wasted In A Little Bit Of Love 25:20
10. A Fashionable Hat Has Become Your Destiny 28:12
11. Summer Brought Me To Your Grey Plains pt II

Wap wap wap dabbada ding ding dack dabbada

This was a happy Wednesday morning because I have got the new album ROACH GOIN’ DOWN of American avant-punk girl trio PALBERTA. On this album Ani, Nina, and Lily continue to pave the way as innovators in the field of guitar-based music, delivering a barrage of twisted, catchy hymns that manage to be both challenging and feverishly compelling. They combine the band’s signature frenetic instrumentation with a thoroughly developed pop sensibility that fans merely glimpsed on previous releases. And this time it’s grounded by a lyrical nuance and newfound melancholy that gives the record an air of maturity compared to previous releases. But best describe their music what I’ve found on their FB page:

“You wanna wabbada? Wap wap wap dabbada?
You see that mabada? ding ding dack dabbada?”


Album on Bandcamp


Music Below The Line


ARNDALES is a sardonic post-punk quartet,
a hidden gem at an English countryside warehouse.
Their long-awaited debut album “SHOPS” coming soon.

Some thoughts about them in special LUTON HAIKU style.
There are rules and laws which people attribute to haiku writing
which aren’t the concern of Luton haiku writers.

Luton, the lively English town somewhere in the Polish-Pakistani borderland
to where I arrived 2 and half years before as a mentally emigrant from Hungary.
Of course it was raining that day.

And then totally suddenly The Fall played in Luton
at a fest where the other day Lee Scratch Perry was the big name
but that day I went to London to see Guitar Wolf.

And then my eyes got stuck in a name in the festival book: ARNDALES.
Got its name after Arndale Centre which is known as The Mall in Luton nowadays.
And one time it was the biggest covered shopping centre in Europe.

I googled them. And it turned up that In The Red Records release them.
And it releases just fine stuff, like Bassholes, Black Lips, Chain & The Gang,
Jay Reatard, Kid Congo, Oblivians, Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees, Andre Williams

And I read their former bands are Country Teasers, Thrilled Skinny,
Badgewearer, Pregnant Neck, Collapsed Lung, Zuno Men,
and they played songs like this

rigth before The Fall at the same place.
And there I observed the guitar player’s hamburger patterned socks.
I thought those were witty symbol of the consumer idiotism.

On their new album they have taken inspiration from the world of retail jargon.
E.g. the opening track “Prestige Pricing” is named after the practice of inflating
the price of a product to indicate it’s prestigious status.

The album “SHOPS” is coming soon on IN THE RED RECORDINGS.
And there is nothing shiny. Just old fashioned music like the old Fall
with a Negativland song which is replaced to mid Bedfordshire.


“I was like a ship without a sail”

The story of INSECURE MEN has started in Paris when Fat White Family’s main songwriter Saul Adamczewski was asked to leave the band temporarily after refusing to vacate the Paris venue the band was playing on the night of the Bataclan attack because he’d arranged to meet a heroin dealer there later on.

He said about: “I fell into a downward spiral, living on a friend’s floor just smoking crack and heroin and doing nothing else. After four months I snapped out of it and realised I needed to get clean. When I came out of rehab I had nothing left other than these songs – I was like a ship without a sail – so it started to look like Insecure Men was something I should definitely pursue as my main project.”

He teamed up with his school friend Ben Romans-Hopcraft (from the band Childhood) and recorded those songs, blend together exotica, easy listening, lounge and timeless pop music.

INSECURE MEN debut album released on FAT POSSUM RECORDS (US)


Message From Rev. Beat-Man


Band: Reverend Beat-Man and the New Wave
Album Title: Blues Trash
Label: Voodoo Rhythm Records


DEAR PEOPLE from the Living Underground,

It’s an album I always wanted to make and it almost took me 10 years after the last release.. I’m sorry.. Way too long.. but I think it’s a good album and I love it.. and I hope you too.. It’s a bit different to the others and to the music today… but who cares 😉
I selected the NEW WAVE from musicians I love the most as the moment:

NICOLE IZOBEL GARCIA is from Los Angeles with Mexian Roots. She plays an unorthodox organ and plays part of drums and percussion.
MARIO BATKOVIC is a Bosina born and since childhood living in Bern. He is a classical and kraut avantgarde accordionist. He creates film and game music and has a one man band himself. He’s a total Genius. (Prodused by Geoff Barrow of Portishead.)
JULIAN SARTORIUS another Bern original. He’s probably one of Europeans or Worlds most extraordinary drummer these days.
RESLI BURRI is a legendary Bern musician who has a jam-band together with Mario and Beat-Man. He is a multi instrumentalist play in the Dead Brothers, Padent Ochsner, is a film and circus music writer.

Stay Wild Wilder and please turn more Surreal and Obscure


Reverend Beat-Man
master of surreal blues trash


Mana, Kana, Yuna and Yuuki

CHAI is 4 Japanese girls: Mana, Kana, Yuna and Yuuki. They say Tom Tom Club, Basement Jaxx, Gorillaz, Cansei de Ser Sexy and Marvin Gaye as their influences. I add Devo and Gary Numan to them. This song about the world where the pretty face and cute shape are far more important than the personality:

Their debut album PINK released now on BURGER RECORDS (US)

Originally released on FLAKE RECORDS (JP)



Influential three women fronted NY city post punk band BUSH TETRAS were founded in 1979 by guitarist Pat Place after leaving the no-wave group James Chance and The Contortions. They brought funky dance songs and vocal rhythms to the freaky outsider punk scene. The band’s trajectory as jagged as one of their own solos. They broke up in 1983, reunited for a short time in the mid-90s and second time in 2005. Since they have released two albums and the third TAKE THE FALL is coming in April on WHARF CAT RECORDS (US)

They charted “a new image of womanhood – spiky, uncompromising, androgynous, sarcastic, tough and too clever by half” by journalist and musician Vivien Goldman.


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