for us in any case.

The first publication of RNR666 Records
2 x 2 songs from the Bordeaux-Budapest axis.
The cover arts painted by Paula H. Satan (the singer of JCS)
and made by Zsofi Nemeth (Piresian Beach).
Only 250 hand numbered and stamped copies!

JC SATÁN is 2 Italian girls’n’ 3 French boys.
They play psychedelic religious garage rock.


Ali’s solo project is the Macabre and plays bass in the Secte du Futur too. Paula (vocal) works in a crazy bar/restaurant as a cook and likes to draw. Dorian’s solo project is the heavy nintendo electro Pere Dodudaboum and plays hip-hop in the Le Pingouin. Arthur (guitar) for example from the Fatals, Meatards, Crane Angels with Romain (drums) and Dorian (keyboard).

PIRESIAN BEACH one woman domestic band
psych garage rock & lo-fi bedroom pop
& weird (because is a very popular word nowadays)


A leader of a middle popular Hungarian rock band asked Zsófi to join his band as guitarist. This was a big surprise because she couldn’t play guitar. (The bandleader was thrilled by musical knowledge of Zsófi.) She began to learn play with a borrowed guitar, but during this time the bandleader changed his mind. Fortunately. Because the first track on the single’s Piresian Beach side is so good that is amazing on 33 & 45 too. But when she got to know that no got place in the middle popular shit then initiated the Piresian Beach. The name refers to a Hungarian public opinion poll in which the population refused the immigration of the non-existent Piresians. Zsófi plays in the beach pop Summer Schatzies too.


„Great! You’re faster than light!” (Manu)

„Just received!! Thank you, that’s an incredible covers and inserts! I was surprised, because i’m waiting for songs like “Easter”, but this 7″ was amazing, the both sides. I hope this is just an appetizers before the (Piresian Beach) LP ?! (Jean Baptiste)

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