Donkey and Music

The Republic of Macedonia is a little country in the middle of the Balkans which has become independent during the break-up of Yugoslavia in the early 90s. And there is an underground music scene.


The Yugoslavian underground was very strong and rampant in the last decade of the South Slav confederacy with many great and strange artists like the Slovenian Laibach, Borghesia, the Serbian Disciplina Kicme, the Montenegrin Rambo Amadeus, the Croatian Satan Panonski, the Hungarian Bada Dada, and lots of others. But I heard about Macedonian underground artists nothing. Until recently when the various artists album “Magare i muzika” (Donkey and Music) has been released on BALKAN VELIKI RECORDS.

It’s a surprisingly good and colourful album about the Macedonian underground from indie pop new wave via psych-folk punk to electronic beats. And exception of Dj Zdena – who played at RNR666 Party in Budapest – and Bernays Propaganda – who makes tours in Europe often – there are totally unknown artists for me. But there are not just Macedonian artists like the Croatian Lutajuci Dj Zdena or the English Membranes because they were also released by BALKAN VELIKI. And at the moment  I have realized that hc-punk jazz fusion band Mnjenje is Serbian. So this album represents a wider region, what means the ex-Yugoslvaian underground is strong and rampant. But unfortunately there are two horrible hard rock songs in the middle of the album:

Anyway, I was curious about the Macedonian people, and it has turned out they are descendants of orthodox Slavs who did not run away and did not become Greeks, Bulgarians or Serbs during the last 150 years. After waves of different national proselytization some of them realized that anyway they are Macedonians. At first officially the separate Macedonian ethnicity was recognised by Communist International in 1934 because Soviet Russia wanted to use the network of Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization to revolutionize the Balkans. Funny, that year the organization was banned and dissolved in Bulgaria where it was state within the state. But after this they could manage to kill the Yugoslavian king and – if he already was there – the French Foreign Minister in Marseille same year within the framework of Croatian – Italian – Hungarian cooperation.


Albano-Macedonian prog folk rock band Blla Blla Blla…

Pic above: Mnjenje

Ne utáljad már Bruce Springsteen-t! – sírva kéri Szurcsik Erika

Habár pár éve még ő is szarnak gondolta 67 éve álkapocs zárral éneklő amerikai zenéjét, de aztán jött a nap, amikoris Erika meghallotta az East Village Rádióban a ’82-es Nebraska albumot és onnantól már egyenes út vezetett odáig, hogy feldolgozza Sprinsteen egyik gyilkos balladáját.

Ami aztán fel is került a tegnap megjelent új, ID Check At Night címet viselő Unknown Child-albumra.

Springsteen-t legközelebb októberben egy új Broadway darabban láthatjátok, melynek címe csak szerényen Springsteen on Broadway lesz, de Erikának már ezen a héten megnézheted a szólókiállítását a Műtőben a Tilossal szemben, de nem a bőr- és nemibeteg gondozóban, hanem fent a másodikon.

Some Strange Electro Australians

“We know that’s the main aim of the sound: to get a sound that makes you feel sick in the stomach, because it sounds so good.”



NUN plays 70s & 80s horror movie influenced cold electric body noise punk music. Since their debut album, I am a NUN fan, and I have been waiting for the next one. And now, after three years they have released a song in four versions, and I am perfectly satisfied:

Studio and live ones were recorded years before the debut album, two remixes were made by ENDERIE, techno alias of Brisbane based experimental musician Andrew McLellan, who is so without limits that his project CURED PINK also played at Melbourne International Jazz Festival, Sydney International Noise Conference and Deadshits Fest in Brisbane. Anyway there is a new ENDERIE album on PARADISE DAILY RECORDS.


2017 Sze 09. napi mottónk:

Trágár János epigrammája

főd túrva
jön surda


The Radical Elite

CHAIN & THE GANG are the first and the best anti liberty group in Rock N Roll

and now the founder, Ian Svenonius – the first winner of a nationwide search for the “most perfect boyfriend material a girl could ask for” by Sassy magazine, one of America’s hottest teenage guides to life and love – this was in 1990, at the same time when his then band The Nation Of Ulysses released its debut album ’13-Point Program To Destroy America’ – so now, he tells you the truth

from the new CHAIN & THE GANG album


Anyway “The reason I entered the Sassy contest is to indoctrinate youth gone astray.”

because “There are so many kids dressing like Grateful Dead people. It’s kind of tedious.”

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