Living In A Bosch

Industrial surf gaze experimental cold wave disco
“punk or whatever i feel.”
Another fantastic Canadian band
Order In The Court

from the album Hard Boiled Soft Boiled on Buzz Records

From New Records


Tropical garage punk from Puerto Rico in Latino manner by Los Vigilantes

“Al Fin” album on ChaCho Records

In Budapest at RNR666 party on May 27 with Paint Fumes. Euro tour April-May


Texan raw retro garage rock a la 60s like the Stooges or Sonic Rendezvous Band, influenced by Misfits and Danzig style punk, rock. OBN III’s

Third Time To Harm album on Tic Tac Totally


Sunday Funny Sunday

Berlin based Indo-Canadian notorious garage rocker KING KHAN and his international big band THE SHRINES

in BUDAPEST at KUPLUNG on APRIL 27 with a Brazilian one-man-blues-trash-rock’n'roll band XTREME BLUES DOG and WATTICAN PUNK BALLET.

Before the show XTREME BLUES DOG will playing on the air at Bang Bang Radio Show on Tilos Radio from 3pm.



There are some date for UK, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium and Holland.

James Newell Osterberg, Jr. (April 21, 1947 – ???)


Tegnap volt utoljára 66 éves a gyerek. / The buddy was 66 yesterday last time.


Popdavec cimborád is csókoltat! / Best wishes, Popdavec

a good girl’s guide to bad music – Wild Books from Warsaw


Even though I’m not too much familiar with the 2014 Polish music scene, I still bet (or hope) that the first full length album of Wild books will make it to most end-of-the-year lists there and without any over-argumentation this is simply because their self-titled LP is insanely good!

Ever experienced listening to an album and saying to yourself ‘oh these guys clearly have their own musical influences, let’s see which bands …’ ? And suddenly finding yourself in a dead end as soon as you realize that you are listening to something great and there’s no need to compare it to anything else. And hey, music freaks, I bet you also recognize when you are listening to music made by another music freak… I think you all see my point by now: Wild books knows how to write good songs and they also have their own prescription for sound. I hate to be snobbish but I appreciate this approach most of all – even though the band consists of only two guys, the music is not lacking anything and they do not sound minimalistic at all (if you want to read more about the recording process and their previous bands, read this bilingual interview here).

If you are not scared away by genre labels like garage, surf and noise pop (I might even say grunge, sorry) then give it a listen and feel the inexplicable waves of nostalgia rushing all over your body, get a nice ear massage from the crispy fuzz, press replay at the end of the album and consider a name-your-price donation for Wild books.



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