“Hell is a good place to write songs, get smashed, take drugs and destroy your sanity, well-being, future and relationships.” – Warren Thomas


More excerpts from interviews:

Aquarium Drunkard: Even in 2010, when I first saw you (The Growlersboys from the acid beach) live, you had a percussion player who wore a swimsuit and played the bongos in a beach chair for the entire show.
Brooke Nielson: Warren (Thomas)! He’s the man. He’s doing his own shit again—he’s got a new band called The Abigails. Warren was a great party vibe. Everything was a party. Just getting a slice of pizza was a pizza party.

LA Record: Where are you from?
Warren: Like most people, my dad fucked my mom and nine months later I came out of her pussy.

Outlaw country with voice of Lee Hazelwood. Warren has got it by the aid of diabolical practices.

The Abigails – Tundra LP on Burger Records (US) The album was released on cassette in last year. Digital copy


Classic thrifty minimal techno from Scotland. Another mysterious electronic project on Clandestine Records (UK)

Twins – Cold Gemini 12″ EP


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