RNR666 has been organizing concerts in Hungary for 15 years, but the first tour! 10 days, 10 concerts, 5 countries… and the finalcountdown has started. So we talk a bit whit the amazing SLOKS about everything what you must to know. Here we go!

– When did you start the band and how did you meet. Are you all from Torino?

– We start the band end of 2014, first we play I and first drummer Peter Chopstik, and one night i meet Claudy in a bar and i ask if she want come to see and play…now we are, Peter left the band first of 2019 and now we have Tony Machete. Yes Me and Tony we live in Turin Claudy she live in Novara.

– Is Torino a good place? I’m just asking because, so far, I’ve met great people from there(VERY great!) Movie Star Junkies/Lame guys and Paula and Ali from JC Satán. Are there many clubs for RnR gigs?
– Torino is a nice quite Town ahahahahahaha, not so many clubs for RNR now, Blah Blah, sPAZIO 211, Magazzino sul po.

– Can you recommend Turinian bands old or new ones. (i know Stefanos projects: Lame,Movie Star Junkies, Talky Nerds)?
Yes all the bands from Stefano are good, I like LAMEMOVIE STAR JUNKIESKiller KlownCani Sciorri they are not from Turin but near.
– I love the story that Beat Man wrote in the promo stuff you met. How did you remember? “Beat Man : i saw them on a Local Alternative Festival in Italy for the first time, it was so Destructive and Suicidal Dangerous and amazing eye catching the same time, the Female Singer Ivy Claudy almost killed herself in her act strangling herself with the microphone cable and screamed as loud that she spit blood on the same time Buddy Fuzz wanked constantly his guitar overdosing totally distorting and endless feedback they were so Negative and creative the same time .. i t was defiantly way too much for the audience and most of them left immediately except Us … and they had to open the festival anyways hahaha .. i was blown away of the energy the band has and the complex personalities of the band members, so i send them To Lo Spider in Toulouse to his Swampland Studios (Destination Lonely, the Monsters, Lame, Roy and the Devils Motorcycle, the Lullies) to record a whole album for Voodoo Rhythm records, and here we go .. this is one Nasty Piece of TRASH “
-The story is true i remember I was really excited and we don’t care to play first band, Claudy she don’t understand Beat Man was here so we are lucky ahahahahaha

– Voodoo Rhythm Records one of the best labels in Europe. Were you very happy with the contract? The Pussy Warmers guys said they were jumping up and down with the pleasure of Voodoo releasing their record. Hahahaha!
-Oh we are very happy and when i recived the email from Reverend Beatman I was a little be confused I jump on the chair in my office and the people work with me they think I’m crazy, after I call immediately Claudy and talk with her, she shouted with joy!
– Btw, what are our three favorites Voodoo artists and three favorites Voodoo albums? 
– I think the Voodoo Rhythm RDS produce many bands, all are good, I like Destination Lonely, (Lo Spider recording us), The JacketsROY & THE DEVIL’S MOTORCYCLEThe MONSTERSDELANEY DAVIDSON all catalogs.
– You changed your drummer recently (when exactly?). Why, and who is your new drummer?
Its a long story, Peter left us after the album come out he as problem to come on tour (work), so we start to find new drummer but its really difficult because all the drummer we want and we know are engaged in other projects so for the first tour after release of the album we take a shift worker, and after we ask Claudy friends he come with us in Japan, but I summer I meet Tony we like each others and I ask to him would like to play drums with Sloks?
And Now is a drummer!
– Last October you made a Japanese tour.  How did this work out? What was it like? Something good, something weird that happened there? It might be an interesting place, but it is a little scary for me personally.
– Ohhhh was AMAZING!!! Really It happened that a Japanese promoter saw that we played with Jon Spencer & Hitmakers and wrote to us asking if we wanted to play in Japan …all was good the people its really nice and very excited. We play in a festival Halloween Ball in Tokyo was crazy and super, with MummiesGuitar WolfGasoline super weird. Fantastic clubs, we play in 2 clubs at 5th Floor for me was like in Blade runner movie. Was a fantastic experience!!! Not scary very friendly people and place, super food, and many many vintage guitar shop!!!!And thanks to Keizo from the King Brothers support us for all the backline.
– Cool local bands there?
We play with a fantastic bands King Brothers, 50/5O’s, Blue Valley, NAkidZ  and many more.
– How did you see the audience there alredy knows you, or were you completely unfamiliar with them?
– The audile was very good but they don’t know us, but after many ask to us to comeback.
– AND!!! What is means Sloks and what is what is the correct pronunciation?
– Sloks come from the first movie of Jon Landies a parody of king kong very primitives and degenerate primate (the real name the film is SCHLOCK) but we changed in SLOKS!!!!
– You will have a tour this month in Eastern Europe. Have you played here before?  Or were you in the East before as a tourist?
– In east europe its a first time!!! We never came, I don’t know if Claudy and Tony they come like tourist…
– Do you know bands from East Europe?
– I know the Moron’s Morons
– How would you introduce bands to people who haven’t heard of you yet?
– Easy, primitive, degenerate, rock’n’roll garage lofi punk, nasty piece of TRASH !!!!!
– What are your main influences?

– My influences are 60’s garage from the USA all the band from the Crypt records,rock’n’roll from the 50’s all the scene garage from the 80’s Jazz Mingus, Chet Baker . this is the first names come to my min.


– On one promo photo Claudy wears Fuck Emos T-shirs. Is that old US/TX punk band? She likes it?

– Oh Yes, I think she bought when she lived in London


– Next plans, tour, new Lp?
– Next plane… we want recording a new album, and in may we go in Spain for some gigs… and will see 😉
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