At first there was an unlucky name: Pangea. It has changed to a stupid one: together Pangea. Bay area soft garage rock.

Badillac LP by Harvest Records


Gianni Giublena Rosacroce is the solo project of Stefano Isaia. He is known as the singer of the great Italian rock’n’roll band, Movie Star Junkies. Dedalo666, his mate in this project is also from the mentioned band. They make together mystic East-Mediterranean and North-African style* music on piano, marimba, clarinet, cans, glasses, bass and acoustic guitars, drums and percussions. (*Except for the first song, it’s an Indochinese theme.)
Maria Violenza is a Sicilian, who makes electronic music under the influence of her homeland’s mixed cultural heritage. She has written: electro// arabian//punk. I say: lo-fi dark arabesque synth punk.

Gianni Giublena Rosacroce / Maria Violenza split LP by NO=FI Recording (Rome), Lemming (Taranto), Escape From Today (Torino) & Brigadisco Records (Itri)

More music from signorina Violenza. A full show video.


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