Stunning shattered indie rock. The Plant Parenthood is better 100 000 times than for example the Dinosaur Jr. But they are standing high above the “indie” and other categories, because dare to be geniuses. So their measure is the etalon, the Axemen. Bow.

100 cassettes by Staring At The Ceiling

tjtReputedly this is a long awaited single of Tyler Jon Tyler. Reputedly it is one of the best garage pop bands in Chicago. They say: we play minimal rock/pop, punk. They: bass – Nathan from Pony; drums – Tom from Daily Void and an actress, Rebecca Flores – guitar, vocal, text. Such as the Raincoats, but the early Breeders is coming in my mind.

Loyal Caskets, 7″ by Slow Fizz Records. Available through Manglor



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