This man from the little English town of St. Albans

has rebuilt Pink Floyd 1979s monster concept album The Wall brick by brick.

Maybe you think, what I also: who the fuck is care about Pink Floyd? Well, Ben Wallers. And this man, I say, is total crazy: he has rebuilt that whole fucking 26-song album! Perhaps on long rainy days.

After more than two years it released I thought after a long hardworking Friday that the time is here, I lay down, and just listened to it. Hey, I say, it’s not a fuckin’ cover album but an authentic masterpiece like the original one. Mr. Wallers not just modernized, but reinterpreted it for our time. The Wall is about a man who builds an imaginary wall brick by brick around himself from his childhood against his mental traumas and falls in total isolation and gets psychedelic visions about himself as a fascist dictator. And this wall has been rebuilt for us with the title The Dark Side of The Wall by master Ben. He has built it under the name of The Stallion with a mate from his band.

BUT WHO THE FUCK IS BEN WALLERS? A cold bloodily funny guy who writes so sarcastic and provocative lyrics that some says he will be killed one time because of them. He got a notoriety by his band The Country Teasers. It crosses the punk and country and western music in a unique damaged way with some Scotch accent. Also plays alone as The Rebel, and has some projects with different people and made some collabs, e.g. with Texan rock band Spray Paint, and surprisingly: he is a Pink Floyd fan.

And finally, I have listened to the whole fuckin’ original one first time in my life. Hey, it was hard. I say, you don’t do it! Well, I have just tried to do it. At this moment, after 5 songs, I stopped it. Sorry, it’s not my wall.



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