Hash Wednesday with two American eclectic psychedelic rock bands


on 8 AUG in BUDAPEST at A38


EARTHLESS is heavy psychedelic rock trio. Creating energetic, utterly unique and free thinking mainly instrumental music inspired by an eclectic semi-improvised mix of German krautrock – like Guru Guru, Amon Düül II – and Japanese heavy blues-rock bands like Flower Travelling Band or Blues Creation. But there are other stuffs which are affecting their music e.g. and especially the first three ZZ Top albums, the Aussie post-punk band Scientists, lots of jazz like old Coltrane and Thelonious Monk or some mid-60s garage rock bands. But for me their music often cites when Black Sabbath played with Jimmy Hendrix at an acid jam session in my mind.

Their new album BLACK HEAVEN released this year on Nuclear Blast Records. You can listen to it in full entirety.

The other band will be the PALLBEARER that lysergic night. They are mixing progressive rock in its classical sense, alterative rock of the nineties and the timeless weight of doom.

So the best if you accept your fate and take a psychedelic mind trip at full tilt and celebrate Hash Wednesday with them that night on the spot.


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