Portuguese blues passionate THE LEGENDARY TIGERMAN began a solo career in 2000. He plays with the clichés of rocker macho, fascinated by the 50’s aesthetics

His 6th album MISFIT was inspired by Dave Richmond’s book How To Disappear Completely and Never Be Found. He imagined the journey of a man called Misfit who wanted to lose himself in the desert and actually become nothing. Therefore, in May 2016, The Legendary Tigerman i.e. PaoloFurtado and his image crew headed to Los Angeles and film a psychedelic adventure in the form of a road movie between Los Angeles and Death Valley, about the philosophically disturbed journey of a man searching to become nothing.

There Furtado spent his days writing the diaries of this imaginary man, acting, while at night, in motel rooms across the California deserts, armed with a Gibson SG. The album was recorded in Joshua Tree, in the heart of the Mojave Desert.

“We lived the slow desert life, between the studio, the Joshua Tree Saloon, and the Pappy and Harriets, a pub in Pioneer Town, where we went to enjoy some live music. While Dave cooked some amazing Louisiana and Tex-Mex dishes for dinner, fueled with red wine, Modelo beer and Tequila, we recorded the songs in live takes, and then built the wall of sound with overdubs.”

But we now go to Japan. The clip “Motorcycle Boy” is equal parts documentary and music video. Offers a raw glimpse into the slowly vanishing culture of Bōsōzoku – the motorcycle gangs that once ruled the roads of Japan back in the 90’s:


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