Air Khruang is the sonic flight booking company of the Texas based psychedelic funk trio called Khruangbin. Behind such a pseudo company there has to be a music savvy band and their sound totally reinforces these expectations. The name Khruangbin simply means aeroplane in Thai by the way. Bassist Laura Lee and guitarist Mark Speer both wear weird wigs to disguise themselves (mainly in order to distance themselves from their other musical projects).

Guess what! They are music freaks specializing in worldwide funk and psychedelic relics especially from 70’s Asia (which was on the other hand heavily inspired by the contemporary US funk explosion). This way Khruangbin does not only ‘take back’ psychedelic funk music to the US but the result is a rich and smooth sonic adventure suitable either for solitary retreats or sensual evenings to be buried in soothing sounds.

For Khruangbin there aren’t really live or studio versions of their songs. They started out playing in a barn in the middle of nowhere in Texas enabling them to jam to an audience of cows. Ever since then, their albums are entirely live recorded, particularly in locations with a natural sound environment. Oddly enough they usually learn the spontaneously recorded jams to be able to perform them later at shows the same way, so the recordings are almost identical to their live shows (or vice versa, to be precise… ).

Their latest album Con Todo El Mundo has been released this January and vinyls are still available for sale.

So if you fell for the recent hype around Khun Narin from Thailand, give Khruangbin a listen at their Bandcamp or at Spotify.

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