I think Black Metal got to dead end. The bands want to be more and more radical but just become more and more ridiculous. But there is a fistful of bands like the Swiss Bölzer, the American Liturgy (which is denied by the black metal community) or the Norwegian URARV who are able to bring new shades in the black.

For example the music of URARV is scattered with psychedelic moments and folk tunes. Often it reminds me of the Japanese noise rock band Zeni Geva. The band is headed by Björn Aldrahn Dencker (Dødheimsgard, The Deathtrip, Thorns). He said: The ideas and visions for Urarv started actually back in 2003 during a stay that I had at the local mental institution where I live. (…) We want to tap into uncharted territories to see what lies hidden under the rocks and dead horses and beneath the cold vastness of uncertainty (…) We’re travelling to remote regions of metal music and mental space with this music. Although our message is one of emotional putrefaction, we want to help listeners find a way through the black hole.

And this is the Sannhet i.e. the Truth:

from the new mini album ARGENTUM. It was recorded same time when the debut LP AURUM last year.



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