Unfortunately it is very rare that bands from my fav Canadian label Telephone Explosion Records play in BUDAPEST. So rare that this is the first case. But maybe the most bizarre among the label’s bands the NEW FRIES are going to play at AURORA on 19 May.

No Wave made the biggest influence on them but I think the best if I use their own words about their music:

  • – We don’t have etiquette or technique or anything. I’ve tried my best to destroy technique in this band. We’re very deconstructed, very incomplete.
  • – It’s a bag of garbage. Fun garbage. Tumultuous, terrible garbage.
  • – Yeah, there are more than enough people doing this shit well!
  • – It’s a non-stop shot in the dark. Like, for sure we want a heavy rhythm section. We want really sexy drums and sexy bass and a chaos for sure, but we definitely want people to dance.

You can do it in BUDAPEST at AURORA on 19 MAY


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