The enigmatically beautiful Katalin Kirby
has made an album from tunes of a lost world as

The Cartaker.


Nothing problem if you don’t know about that world too much because you can feel what they felt between two world wars in Hungary:

1. Summer Brought Me To Your Grey Plains pt I 0:00
2. Moments Of Gravity Undefined 4:02
3. Javor’s Delay 7:12
4. An Empty Bliss Beyond Old Budapest 10:44
5. A Great Beautiful Nothing Out Of Sight 14:29
6. I’m So Into You, Mr Javor 16:19
7. The Senorita Departs In A Flying Saucepan 21:16
8. The Universe Hurts So Bad 23:30
9. Wasted In A Little Bit Of Love 25:20
10. A Fashionable Hat Has Become Your Destiny 28:12
11. Summer Brought Me To Your Grey Plains pt II


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