ARNDALES is a sardonic post-punk quartet,
a hidden gem at an English countryside warehouse.
Their long-awaited debut album “SHOPS” coming soon.

Some thoughts about them in special LUTON HAIKU style.
There are rules and laws which people attribute to haiku writing
which aren’t the concern of Luton haiku writers.

Luton, the lively English town somewhere in the Polish-Pakistani borderland
to where I arrived 2 and half years before as a mentally emigrant from Hungary.
Of course it was raining that day.

And then totally suddenly The Fall played in Luton
at a fest where the other day Lee Scratch Perry was the big name
but that day I went to London to see Guitar Wolf.

And then my eyes got stuck in a name in the festival book: ARNDALES.
Got its name after Arndale Centre which is known as The Mall in Luton nowadays.
And one time it was the biggest covered shopping centre in Europe.

I googled them. And it turned up that In The Red Records release them.
And it releases just fine stuff, like Bassholes, Black Lips, Chain & The Gang,
Jay Reatard, Kid Congo, Oblivians, Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees, Andre Williams

And I read their former bands are Country Teasers, Thrilled Skinny,
Badgewearer, Pregnant Neck, Collapsed Lung, Zuno Men,
and they played songs like this

rigth before The Fall at the same place.
And there I observed the guitar player’s hamburger patterned socks.
I thought those were witty symbol of the consumer idiotism.

On their new album they have taken inspiration from the world of retail jargon.
E.g. the opening track “Prestige Pricing” is named after the practice of inflating
the price of a product to indicate it’s prestigious status.

The album “SHOPS” is coming soon on IN THE RED RECORDINGS.
And there is nothing shiny. Just old fashioned music like the old Fall
with a Negativland song which is replaced to mid Bedfordshire.



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