Band: Reverend Beat-Man and the New Wave
Album Title: Blues Trash
Label: Voodoo Rhythm Records


DEAR PEOPLE from the Living Underground,

It’s an album I always wanted to make and it almost took me 10 years after the last release.. I’m sorry.. Way too long.. but I think it’s a good album and I love it.. and I hope you too.. It’s a bit different to the others and to the music today… but who cares 😉
I selected the NEW WAVE from musicians I love the most as the moment:

NICOLE IZOBEL GARCIA is from Los Angeles with Mexian Roots. She plays an unorthodox organ and plays part of drums and percussion.
MARIO BATKOVIC is a Bosina born and since childhood living in Bern. He is a classical and kraut avantgarde accordionist. He creates film and game music and has a one man band himself. He’s a total Genius. (Prodused by Geoff Barrow of Portishead.)
JULIAN SARTORIUS another Bern original. He’s probably one of Europeans or Worlds most extraordinary drummer these days.
RESLI BURRI is a legendary Bern musician who has a jam-band together with Mario and Beat-Man. He is a multi instrumentalist play in the Dead Brothers, Padent Ochsner, is a film and circus music writer.

Stay Wild Wilder and please turn more Surreal and Obscure


Reverend Beat-Man
master of surreal blues trash



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