Komodina 3 was a Greek band. Everybody knows them but nobody saw them to play. Like the band Ghost Train (or Kummitusjuna) in the film Zombie & The Ghost Train by Finnish director Mika Kaurismaki which is among my favorites. The story of Komodina 3 started n 2005 in Thessaloniki. Some musicians recorded an album, made 80 CD copies, hand-delivered them to some local men of taste. But they didn’t drive to their only show because was too cold out.

Seven years after the owner of Slovenly Records heard their CD in a van during the euro tour of his label’s two Greek bands, Bazooka and Gay Anniversary, and he released it.

One from Komodina 3 started electro-punk solo career as NOMOS 751

Debut album on SLOVENLY RECORDS (US)



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