Post-happymonday post and post-salute to the post-punk lo-fi Maraudeur from Geneva, Switzerland, who were swirling through England last week!

After some tapes and an orange flexidisc this is their first LP released by the Parisian Bruit Direct Disques, the association for brick throwers, worldwide.

The vid of Nothing Will Change was recorded by the Californian Oakland based The Grassy Null Studio on VHS. The recording studio has been supporting such bands like Meat Market, Froth or Charlie Megira through years

If a swimming pool scene had a match and described a band that would be the prime for the Maraudeur: Strange Afternoon In The Swimming Pool + Hesher

more mix and match

Hidden Track (split Maraudeur/Purpur Spytt) + Julie and Franc’s sexually aroused scene from Francois Ozon’s Swimming Pool.
Dust Dries on It’s Rest (Maraudeur) + Hot Rod‘s wacky pool scene in the direction of The Lonely Island trio.
Poor Creatures That We Are (split Maraudeur/Purpur Spytt) + Spielberg’s Jaws opening scene



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