“I like rotten expensive arrogant self-destructive white male culture. Punk was too energetic and positive for me.” Ben Wallers



The Wall is recognized as one of the most famous concept albums of all time. Bass guitarist Roger Waters conceived the album as a rock opera during Pink Floyd’s 1977 In the Flesh Tour, when his frustration with the audience became so acute that he spat on them. Its story, which follows themes of abandonment and personal isolation, explores Pink, a character whom Waters modeled after himself and Syd Barrett who one time was the main songwriter of the band, but was fired owing to psychedelic behaviour in 1968. Later he turned into a silent mad. Well, Pink’s life begins with the loss of his father during the Second World War, and continues with abuse from his schoolteachers, an overprotective mother, and the breakdown of his marriage; all contribute to his eventual self-imposed isolation from society, represented by a metaphorical wall.

Ben Wallers said about: – I don’t find Roger’s lyrics embarrassing if I listen to The Wall with my Mom; but if I listen to Animals with my Dad, I get embarrassed and have to go to the toilet, sorry I mean bathroom.


Anyway Waters is the really interesting character for me. A hopeless case, an utter shit-head. Brilliant character actor and composer. But I have to confess it was burnt into me at age 11/12/13 when I got into ‘Dark Side of the Moon’, ‘A Collection of Great Dance Songs’, ‘The Final Cut’ and ‘The Wall’. I loved them unquestioningly.

So much so that he and Alastair Mackinven also from Country Teasers now show you THE DARK SIDE OF THE WALL on their song for song interpretation triple album under name of THE STALLION.

Apropos of their work they quote inaccurately the cop who shuts the jailcell gate on Woody Allen’s character in “Deconstructing Harry”: – Let me give you some advice: YOU’RE IN DEEP SHIT.

It will release soon on IN THE RED RECORDS (US)



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