AMERICA FUCK is the product of living with toxic politics as the foreground; attempting to complete life’s menial tasks while filled with both rage and despair.



AMERICA FUCK is the duo of dark electronic artist Lana Del Rabies – who sings and plays synth bass – and Brian Miller from such great bands as

Foot Village – a drum-n-shout assembly,

Gang Wizard – psychedelic experimental krautrock, new album out now and it’s astonishingly fuckin’ good,

and True Neutral Crew – the Deathbomb Arc Records experimental hip-hop supergroup. He plays drums and electronics.

STATEMENT: Our first album Fertility Clown calls upon the brash immediacy of 80s political punk, the swirling disembodiment of free jazz, shoegaze’s resonate escapism, and the grim despair of goth to create a set of emotional tones that simultaneously are cooperative and combative.

And every song is a manifesto spiced with thoughts of French sociologist Marcel Mauss

“What is “society” for me?… Historically, kingdoms and empires have rarely been the most important reference points in peoples’ lives. Kingdoms rise and fall; they also strengthen and weaken; governments may make their presence known in people’s lives quite sporadically, and many people in history were never entirely clear whose government they were actually in.”  And so on

digital album on electro industrial dance noise hip hop experimental label



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