and we’re all happily aboard to go down with it.”



Soon here is the new ODONIS ODONIS album

Allegedly NO POP is more serene than its predecessors.

But what we wrote about them during the years:

Hollandazde LP 2011: “Allegedly the styles return 20 years after. So – if you didn’t recognize it – the 90s are came back. By the way, we continuously repeat ourselves from the creation. Just our instruments are altered. ”

Better EP 2013: “Industrial surf gaze experimental cold wave disco “punk or whatever i feel. Another fantastic Canadian band.”

Hard Boiled Soft Boiled album 2014: “The chaos keeps growing. Er industrial grunge experimental cold gaze “punk or whatever i feel.”

Post Plague album 2016: “Canadian chaos brigade Odonis Odonis has come back with his psychedelic electro industrial post punk music.”

On the new album they stripping down instrumentation to a handful of synths and an electronic drum kit. The music is a dancefloor friendly blend of hard-hitting industrial, techno, and noise

NO POP out on 22 Oct on Telephone Explosion (Can) and Felte Records (US)

Concert with FRONT 242 on 1 OCT in TORONTO


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