takes their name from a John Lee Hooker album


and mention Canned Heat as one of their influences,

and described their musical style as Kraut Southern Rock


was formed in 1997 by Matador Records employees and a record collector for jamming. Initially having no plans to record or to tour. They played their first live show in 2001 as an opening act for Pavement’s Stephen Malkmus. First LP in 2005. Their new album Vibe Killer out 19 May on No Quarter Records (US)

POWER has been started when three HC/Punk musicians, Penky, Slimy, and Isaac shared their mutual love of the Australian psychedelic hard rock blues group Coloured Balls while sitting in a beer garden during a Melbourne punk show. Right after they started a new band to play in that raw pub rock style as Coloured Balls and others did it in the early 70s. First POWER album Electric Glitter Boogie was released on Cool Death Records in 2015. Re-release out now by In The Red Records (US)


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