“We are still mythical;
we are still
permanently trapped
somewhere between the heroic and the pitiful”

Kate Tempest, writer, musician

“Metrical rigour and adroit rhyming are not yet among her accomplishments. She has a pretty, cherubic face, framed by unbrushed red blonde hair and she speaks in a Caribbean lite patois that translates ‘those things’ into ‘dem fings’. This linguistic pattern has many fans among the elite. It’s seen as an emblem of barbarous innocence, of instinctive passions bred in the ghetto, of an unschooled and therefore superior creativity. And it particularly excites Arts Council grandees who believe their mission is to reach down to the uncivilised and protean human type. Which Tempest perfectly represents.”

About Kate Tempest’s poetry by Lloyd Evans playwright and sketch writer in good old British conservative magazine The Spectaor. He also says “She is also pessimistic to the point of superstition. She sees malevolence everywhere.”

from the album Let Them Eat Chaos on Fiction Records (UK). Her former records were released by Big Dada/ Ninja Tunes.

“Illusion, my darling, everything is just illusion. Believe me! Causeless bustle, but many of us think it is the order itself. Childish illusion. But the method, it is deserving.”

Alexander the Lame



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