An unorthodox punk band from Washington, D.C.


fusing no wave pop hc punk indie rock anarcho funk.

Some names from my notes: Lydia Lunch + Fugazi + Dead Kennedys + Joy Division/New Order + Dog Faced Hermans.

Debut album Nothing Feels Natural OUT NOW on Sister Polygon Records (US).

Euro tour May-June UK, NL, Bel, Fr, Sp, Lux, Ger, DK.


They say: So here is something funny about the signing of the US constitution: There were 55 people who signed it, they were all rich white men. 15 of them owned other people who were forced to do work for them in order to survive, called “slaves”. All 55 of these white men owned land. If you were not a wealthy white man who owned people or land you were definitely not invited to decide what this new country was going to be about. (…) This place was born on a selfish lie. There is nothing to salvage, no great ideals that just got a little skewed. (…) When people defend the USA I think of Stockholm Syndrome. (… So) the first step is knowing, understanding, that this country was not made for you, and it is built on lies and murder.

But in the reality just 39 delegates signed it from the 55, and not 15 rather 25 were slave-owners. At that time the states predominantly limited the voting right to property-owning or tax-paying white males. So they were the people.

But I do not believe that the low-qualified poor would be so honest, unselfish, brave and so on. They just would do the same thing, or worse. Trump and Brexit have come by them.



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