Pop like The Pixies, and punk like the Parquet Courts, with such great songs like the aforementioned have.    



TERRY is an Aussie quartet with members of such great bands as UV Race, Total Control, Dick Diver, Constant Mongrel or Lower Plenty – and Xanthe Waite sings one of Mick Harvey’s Gainsbourg album.

It has been formed after a Total Control US tour in Mexico City in 2015 when two couples have decided to start a simple and charming pop band that could tour and vacation together. But more telling about that “simple and charming pop” that The Rebel (ex-Country Teasers) was chosen to play with them on their first show in London.



The three songs explores themes of patriarchy in politics, mass consumption versus lifestyle choices and the dating scene. On the cover you can find seven Australian politician women, and one Angela Merkel. They said about  

The national identity in Australia is primarily male. Women in the public sphere are expected to take on the characteristics of national identity more so than men. They are also required to prove themselves as Australian women.

Not only are female Australian politicians expected to represent characteristics of national identity they usually also show a greater level of Australian masculinity. It’s a fast track to be taken seriously. But many of the females in power seem to give up common sense.

Some women I have found

Health Minister poor Sussan Ley has resigned after using a taxpayer-funded trip to purchase an A$795,000 (£473,300; $585,200) apartment on Queensland’s Gold Coast in 2015. And also went to New Year parties in 2013 and 2014 on taxpayers’ money.

Lower house speaker Ms Bronwyn Bishop charged taxpayers A$5,000 (£2,300, $3800) to fly by helicopter to a Liberal Party fundraiser in 2015. It was a journey of 65 km (40 miles). At longest one hour with car. And of course she had not just a car, but a driver too, paid by taxpayers, of course. She also claimed expenses for attending weddings, opera and art events. Resigned as speaker, and was defeated on the next election.

Right-wing populist senator Ms Pauline Hanson and her male mate were sentenced to three years imprisonment in 2003 because of false statements about their party members in order to register their organisation in Queensland as a political party, and apply for electoral funding.

In her book, titled The Truth, Ms Hanson predicted that in 2050 Australia would have a lesbian president of Chinese-Indian background called Poona Li Hung who would be a cyborg. No wonder that one of her party candidate, Ms Stephanie Banister, said in an interview that Islam is a country, and the Jews worship Jesus. And she is a graduated woman.

“Money, you got plenty of it
You leave it around your place
Who knows?
You might end up in the bin”

Terry – Bin


Ha-ha-ha, those amounts of money are ridiculously tinies. A tip category in the post-communist Hungary. But the rate of stupidity of senator Ms Hanson and Ms Banister is ordinary in the Hungarian policy and public life.

But what is absurd. The almighty Liliputin dictator, Viktor Orbán – aka über führer – , his government and the feudal lords of Hungary have recently made war on the civil society, in order to prevent the organized objection and extirpate the pluralism.

Just like in the pre-Stalinist Hungary in 1947-48, when communist minister of the interior, László Rajk, banned the civil organizations. He ended up on a gallows as the star of a show trial in 1949.

So dear Australian friends you must – how comrade Lenin said – learn, learn, and learn.


from their debut album TERRY HQ on UPSET THE RHYTHM (UK)


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