Mind Your Bollocks
Here’re The Sex Organs
from Outer Space with fine trash’n’roll music


Debut album Intergalactic Sex Tourists out now on VOODOO RHYTHM RECORDS

The female organ is Jackie from Swiss garage punk band The Jackets (Voodoo Rhythm Records); the male one is Bone from Dutch punk rock and roll band The Anomalys (Slovenly Records).

Strange but they have come a Hungarian poet to my mind.

Peter Kuczka (1923-99) was a true-hearted communist. He wrote about Stalin that “There is nothing in this world without him”, and when the Bulgarian communist hero died, he wrote that “comrade Dimitrov is dead, but don’t cry”, “the life is beautiful” because

Look how steaming the newly baked bread,
but more warm the Party is.
So warm the friendly palm,
but more warm the Party is

and who has been lived alone so far
is clamped by the Party.
Scientists and artists,
the Party knows more than them.

Carpenters and masons,
the Part builds better than them.
And it is stronger and more whirl than the big waters,
because we are the Party.

In 1953 he took part in a countryside tour of writers. Then he saw the horror of reality, and so deeply disappointed in the ideology’s practice and practitioners that became a forbidden writer for many years. Finally he fled to the space and became the founder of the Hungarian Sci-fi literature.

One of his late poems is “We are just sex organs”




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