I have already known about that the cats meowing differently by regions – a project is running in the Swedish Lund University about cat saying; the Cat – Swedish dictionary will be presented around 2021. But today I have got known about that the song birds sing on higher tune because of the greenhouse effect, and UFO migrants are on the Moon, and another Aussie band, LEAVINGS


This single is their debut release before the forthcoming LP. During the first listening I have written down what came to my mind: Sonic Youth, Nirvana, HC-Punk

They say these “tracks represent the band’s response to the frustration of living in an Australia whose leaders become nastier and more cynical with each passing year.”

They write: RIYL: Unwound, Flying Nun records, The Men, Rosetta, Fugazi, Japandroids, Sonic Youth, Blank Realm, Neu!, P.K. 14, mewithoutYou, Turnpike, A Place to Bury Strangers.

Sell & Shark is available in digital format from TENZENMEN RECORDS and LEAVINGS‘ bandcamp. Physical copies can be obtained directly from the band, and from various record stores in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Gold Coast.

Anyway if you would like to watch a perfect MONTY PYTHON EPISODE ABOUT MEOWING RESEARCH, then click the video in the article on Lund University website! 



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