Beautiful, cold, warm, psych, noisey, drunky, urban folk tunes from and by LOWER PLENTY. It is a suburb of Melbourne and also a band


Its members are from e.g. Total Control, The UV Race, Dick Diver or Terry. About their music I could write that sometimes like VU and Nico, but I do not want to write it, so forget it. This song is taken their 4th album Sister, Sister out now on Bedroom Suck Records (AUS). It was recorded in a kitchen of another suburb of Melbourne, Collingwood.

On that place which is today Lower Plenty the first settler was a Hungarian political immigrant Sigismund Wekey in the mid of the 19th century. He was a lawyer, but during the revolutiuon and war of independence of Hungary in 1848/49 he became a captain and adjutant of the political leader Kossuth. After the fall he went to London, learnt mining, and wrote the first Hungarian grammar for the English people.

He arrived in Australia in his late 20s. On the site which is today Lower Plenty he purchased land as a manager of a shareholder company he founded with a vision to start the wine industry of Melbourne, but the company went to bankruptcy within two years. During this time he was the secretary of Philosophical Society (later Philosophical Institute) of state Victoria. But because the cost of the society’s publications were paid by himself for two years finally he resigned.

He also was a correspondent of some journals, later registrar and postmaster of a gold mining town Gaffneys Creek. He applied for patents of some mining machineries, and became a director of the Aladdin and Try-Again United Gold Mining Co., but he was placed under charge of conspiracy with his two co-directors in 1870. He was sentenced and spent one year in gaol where he wrote a pamphlet about the elastic laws and the political corruption which endangered of the liberty of the subject, titled The Institution Of The Land We Live In. After his release he left Australia, travelled around the world with his family, and finally settled in Budapest.


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