Berlin based Israeli musician Charlie Megira is dead.

It is total unbelievable for me. No, that is just a bad joke. He is so young, and need to play at RNR666 Party.

But it seems the whisper is real.

Charlie Megira was an exceptional musician, a guitar virtuoso. On the picture above with his last band The Bet-She’an Valley Hillbillies. “Surf, Poetry, Rockabilly” was the slogan

but the formula is not so simple.

When I met his music at first he played wispy almost ethereal surf rock and roll on guitar, piano and castanets. But after he made a Joy Division- , Cure-, Sisters of Mercy like dark wave album with his girlfriend as Charlie Megira & Hefker Girl. After Charlie Megira and The Modern Dance Club was founded, where every mentioned style merged into high energy garage rock. And finally he went back to the beach with The Bet-She’an Valley Hillbillies. The last album.

And a free download live show on WFMU radio with covers of Joy Division’s Heart And Soul and TV Personalities’ Diary Of A Young Man.

And an interview with almost all of his music, and a “best of” playlist on RNR666 mag.

A fragment from it:

“I also used to hang out with my older cousin that introduced me to some rock music like Whitesnake, Iron Maiden, Scorpions, and more. I remember I once asked him why all those bands are wearing dirty and ripped cloths, I thought they were poor and maybe could not afford to buy nice cloths… Anyway I really got into this heavy rock and also liked Bob Marley a lot. (…) I had a roommate that played The Smiths on a tape and for me it sounded horrible so I punched him in the face and broke the cassette and put on the Scorpions’ gold ballads.”


Hey Charlie, just one more song, please!



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