is primarily the project of recorder player Taylor Ross from The American South. This Rock Band has destroyed The Rock Band in order to build a New Rock Band sourced from Fake Classical / Neo-Baroque stylings. Recorders big and small multi-tracked atop atypical chord progressions”

This is a neo-baroque psych folk pop crank, an easy, bloody fun

from the album “A V” on Leaving Records (US)

But this song shows just one face from the many of the band. Sometimes it seems as if there would be a different band, because “Hey, it’s totally Sonic Youth”; “Oh what is the name of that Czech folk jazz band? They make something similar. Jablkon! That’s right.” And in the next moment it turns into grunge. Just like the Ween.

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Euro tour > 25 Nov – 10 Dec Germany, Switzerland, France, UK, Holland: You can find the exact dates and places on a poster under the embedded album.


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