“What is comic, airhead, grimace, a small matter, an unnecessary detail, unusual fleeting, a natural inconsistency that unpredictably crops up and suddenly disappears, touchable non-sense, an unexpected epiphany.”

one girl mess from Grinchland
plays no wavish electro punk

Bunny’s Bed

from her upcoming new album, will be released in December Cheap Satanism (Belgium) /  Lentonia (France) / La Solita Minestra Records (Italy)

There are no many things to say about CAZZURILLO, one girl mess from Grinchland. She just composes melodramatic popular songs and performs them on her voice, guitar, bass guitar, drum machine and noises with visual smash up whenever/ however/ wherever/ whoever she wants. Nevertheless CAZZURILLO is still convinced to be an atypical composer and performer, but the soup is always the same old minestrone with Syd Barett, Sex Pistols, Lydia Lunch or Nirvana.


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