O LENDÁRIO CHUCROBILLYMAN – oh how beautiful this name – IS A ONE-MAN-BAND FROM BRAZIL – who sell his soul to the devil on the corner of Rio Iguazu and Rio Negro – HE PLAYS AMAZON DELTA BLUES – this is my favourite song from him:

It is on his latest album MAN MONKEY which RELEASED ON VINYL now. If you want to buy please write to him: klauskoti AT gmail.com. CD and digital versions are available via his label Fon-Fon Records

But what is Macumba? It is a name of an African drum and a popular chaotic religion-like something in South-America, which combines elements of many different religions like voodoo. There is a ritual with drums, dance, sacrifice of animals and other offerings for the spirits. There is a master who can connect with spirits, of course in trance, and can ask them to do good or bad things – especially in love and money matters, because the worshippers are interested in these mysterious things mainly. During the liturgy the congregation falls into trance, and on the end of the service they will have just a little reminiscence about what exactly happened. Exactly like in the profane way of worship of spirits.

Because an average person also can connect with spirits through his lips. In these case those spirits are in bottles and you need swallow them. The trance comes right after the empty bottles. During the process at first the good spirits will be victorious, but after a total blackout the bad spirits will rule your body.

But if you are lucky enough will find a cold beer in your fridge.



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