Bela Lugosi originally was a locksmith lad but became an actor of the National Theatre of Hungary. During the short lived Hungarian Soviet Republic in 1919 he was a member of the workers and soldiers’ soviet in the 2nd district of Budapest. He was charged with communize the Hungarian theatres by the Commissariat of Public Education.


He “was a dangerous communist”. In revolutionary meetings at Club of Artists and National Theatre he agitated for communism and the dictatorship of proletariat. And he presented it. Mayor of Budapest was evicted from his flat by our hero. After the fall he escaped, but a warrant of arrest was issued by the Royal Prosecution Office against him.

“A frightful hobgoblin stalks throughout Europe. We are haunted by a ghost, the ghost of Communism” – wrote Marx and Engels in their Communist Manifesto in 1848. But the Americans were haunted by the Dracula himself. And now also the Englishmen, thanks to The Severed Limb

They are very DIY . “The Severed Limb began life as a punk skiffle trio, recording a cassette in the cellar of drummer Charlie Michael’s south London pub in 2008. With Bobby Paul on guitar/vocals and Charlie’s half brother Leo Lewis on washboard they began gigging in South London pubs. With no actual bass player they asked members of the audience to fill in on tea-chest bass.”

But maybe you also don’t know what is “skiffle.” Well, it’s a music genre with jazz, blues, folk and roots influences, usually using homemade or improvised instruments. Exactly like Mama Rosin does it.

Today there are six men in The Severed Limb, even with so trivial instruments like standard drum-kit or organ, so the shadow of heresy is on them. Dr. Orloff should to make an inspection in this case.

“Bela Lugosi” 7″ vinyl will be released on Drastic Decline Records on November 12.



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