American musician RANDY NEWMAN who – besides his score music: Ragtime, A Bug’s Life, Toy Story, Cars and more – famous his satirical songs too. Now he sings a song about the great leader of Russia in the style of Kurt Weil

“I hope all of you like it. I know he will” – said Newton. I am sure, but in the scene of football fanatics there are Hungarian flags. Not a big problem, because they are almost the same ones. Anyway

“He can drive his giant tractor
Across the Trans-Siberian plain
He can power a nuclear reactor
With the left side of his brain
And when he takes his shirt off
He drives the ladies crazy
When he takes his shirt off
Makes me wanna be a lady.”

You find the full lyrics here.

The song has been taken from his next album will be released sometime next year. But you can get the song:




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