Synth wave, elektro pop, acid tracks on Dutch label





TWINS (US, Atlanta, Georgia) is Matt Weiner who is also known for his Featureless Ghost project and of course as the head of the DKA Records label… it’s a classic minimal elektro record but at the same time a rather modern piece of electronic music…RATHER NOT 12″ MINI LP

Zarkoff together with Ikonal from Croatia… these three tracks are from one of the infamous synth jams Zarkoff is organizing in an empty factory near Sisak in Croatia… the acid tracks featured on this EP have a throbbing beat with a clear hint to EBM… and the acid lines are both psychedelic and dark… TOXICOLOGY 12″EP

Antlers Mulm from Leipzig, Germany… recommended to fans of New Order but also of Solitude FX… melancholy, dreamy and catchy… GIVE AND TAKE 7″


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