We’we Got The Magic from a Black Hole, so I Call Your Name Satan. And I Wanna Be Your Puppy. But Need Money for Chicken Space Pie and Milk. Hvala.

There was a crazy summer day/night when French band VAGINA TOWN played at RNR666 10th Birthday Party in Budapest last year. At that time their just released one single. Now here is their first album 11 LOVE SONGS by Kythibong Records


Zsófi said: Jeeeeee

Pali said: Good! First song like Pixies, third like Movie Star Junkies. They recovered from The Cramps infection.

I say: Hard rock and roll psychedelia turns into country, blues, jazz’n back. Very playful and funny. My favourite moment when the easy rock and roll song I Wanna Be Your Puppy turns into Deep Purple’s Space Truckin’



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