WHAT KIND OF JAZZ IS THIS? Now wave, hurt punk, drums brass and bass minimal maddness

STRANGE Nomeansno, John Zorn, The Fall, Country Teasers, Ápolók, Ne Zhdali feeling by three MEN WITH CHIPS from Adelaide, Australia

NEW ALBUM Attention Spent very soon on Homeless Records (AUS)

also available via Revolver distribution in the United States, Forte in UK / Europe, Don’t Buy Records (Netherlands), X-Mist (Germany), Nat Records (Japan), Kaos Kontrol (Finland), Born Bad / La Silence de La Rue in Paris and digitally also via iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Spotify etc

anyway Herry Rollins wrote about his shop “spent 2 hours in Strangeworld Records today. It’s one of the best record stores in the world and everyone should go there”, so if you are around Melbourne



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