LC PUMPKIN comes from a shambolic low-fidelity musical attempt Les Cactus & The Rumpy Pumpkins, somewhere from Brighton. He makes funny tinker music with fuzz banjo, piano, sampler, cut & paste backbeats. It rattles and clicks. As if every sound would be clinched together loosly. He has made an EP with four Thee Oh Sees covers. Of course these are very particular covers, would be hard to recognize the original ones:

1. The Gouger (Sucks Blood, 2007)
2. Tidal Wave (7″ single 2009).
3. Koka Kola Jingle (The Master’s Bedroom Is Worth Spending a Night In, 2008)
4. Make Them Kiss (Demos EP, 2007)

Published with kind permission from John Dwyer. He said they’re “interesting takes of the tunes”. FREE DOWNLOAD

You can see LC PUMPKIN with Samara Lubelski and Stephen Steinbrink on 4th of October at The Lexington in London.


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