At first on Sept 23 Friday at Gólya. There going to play a highly intellectual Hungarian garage rock band GUSTAVE TIGER. This song from the new album Chaste And Mystic Tribadry about Queen of Madagascar, Ranavalona I (1828-61). Some say she was a simple tyrant, but others suggest she was driven by insanity.

And there also will be a grunge beat band from Pécs, THE BEANS. FREE ENTRANCE.

Sept 25, Sunday at Trafik: evil motherfucker from Tennessee JOE BUCK YOURSELF plays hardcore country or hellbilly as a one-man-band. He is well known from bands of Hank Williams III, and The Legendary Shack Shakers. Ticket: 1200 HUF.

Sept 26, Monday at Trafik: Swiss psychedelic rock and roll dub blues punk cult band ROY & THE DEVIL MOTORCYCLE (Voodoo Rhythm Records). Ticket: 1000 HUF.



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