Swing Cremona is the fifth LP from Pierre Omer, but the first from Voodoo, even though their relation to Beat-Man is very old – from the seven LPs of The Dead Brothers (Swiss ‘funeral’ Rock n’roll) six were released by Voodoo, and members also regularly play at Reverend Beat-Man albums.

As the name of the band already suggests, this is a swing album, their own compositions, couple covers (Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Irving Berlin) and also the swinged version of ‘Miserlou’ familiar to many from Pulp Fiction. And I bet there is also one cover that RNR666’s favorite little toothless sonofabitch, Jerry Dammers (of the Specials) also played already.

I can again say this is a very good record, and not just for grandfathers! I consider myself an honest punkrock’n roller who also fancies death metal, and I still like it! Needless to say this stuff is light years from the pseudo-swing / old-timer crap that is so popular now in Hungary.

The mad professor-like character is the noxious communist vampire, Bela Lugosi, who evicted mayor of Budapest under the dictatorship of the proletariat in 1919 >>>

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