The Devils  Sin, You Sinners! / Voodoo Rhythm Records (2016)


This why one loves Voodoo Rhythm Records (for this as well..): Every now and then they find a brand new, young, only locally known band, like this one band from Naples that formed in 2015 (last year in other word) and they release them on vinyl and CD – pick your format.

What kind of band names itself ‘The Devils’ in 2015? One that’s young, dumb ass, don’t give a damn, simple, self-confident, and one that gets to the point. Well, all these fit them I think. The fact that they got their name after the 1971 Ken Russel movie, The Devils, sheds some light on why these lovers are dressed as a priest and a nun. According to them, they grew up on blues and punk, and they listened to a bunch of underground bands such as The Cramps, Hound Dog Taylor, The Gories, Jon Spencer, Fugazi, Hasil Adkins, The Oblivians.

They recorded their LP in Montpellier with Jim Diamond (bassist of The Dirtbombs!!!) when Beat-Man happened to be in the area, and he signed them right away. And rightly. The Record. When I say 10 songs in 17 mins, you can already suspect there are no elongated intros, psychedelic parts, etc. Instead we have hysterical grind and FUZZZ orgy!!!! Brute and primitive, so much so as the 17 minutes seems more like 37, and you don’t really have any feeling you are missing anything.

The lyrics also follow this concept. The obsessed repeating of words and half sentences. “Onan came on the floor / the priest touched me harder” and that’s it. Or “This town once was wild / but now it’s drunk” repeated 15 times. The music is of course total trash rock n roll, but towards the end of the record there are some instrumental pieces, that – if you were to repeat them for 1-2 minutes – could go for a stoner song, similar to very early Kyuss. And sometimes they remind us of our Finnish brothers, Black Magic Six (also a duo). Great release, great band, I definitely feel we will see them on the RNR666 stage soon!



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