Round Eye is weird ex-pat punk band with two sax in Shanghai. Their brand new video about what they think about America today. The band was founded by Chachy, who has moved there from Orlando, Florida in 2010.

He said an interview on Dangerous Mind

“It’s funny, Chinese media is using what’s happening with Trump and America as an example of why Democracy doesn’t work. ”

“I get a good earful of global opinions on how America is presenting itself and trust me, it’s universally laughed at. (…) Everyone sees the social nightmare he’s dredged up and they start to realize that what was once an American issue is now getting dangerously close to becoming an international one. Not laughing as much anymore.”

“DE-evolution has truly arrived. ” Because We the People

Anyway “the best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter” as per Winston Churchill.

An interview with Chachy about China on RNR666



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