The Come n Go Tumbling Heights / Voodoo Rhythm Records (2016)


They are my favorites from the Voodoo catalog (together with Roy & the MDC). This is their fourth album (here is the first, second and third); I was not very confident that it would get released, since they started to work on it during the summer of 2014, and I have not heard any news from them since. And then: bam! it came out. All of its hard-core 26 minutes – haha. Never mind that it is short as this is their best album so far; it has so much going on in it that it literally blows your mind. Then you keep playing it on and on so it blows your mind again. It’s got everything RnB, garage-trash, psychedelic stuff or hard core AC/DC-Rose Tattoo boogie, and such a mind blowing cover of Bad Brains (Attitude) that you will shit your pants!

Marcus Stehli (of Roy & the DMC) is responsible for the sound and all of the weird noises, so there can not be any complaints about that. The whole album has a distinct, drugged atmosphere, but in a smooth nice way. There is one 6-minute song called Lemmy, but all the rest are around one and a half to two minutes long. Oh, and one more thing: all the members love alcohol, and one of the guitarist is a fan of PALINKA in particular, except that he incorrectly believes it to be a Romanian drink. No, palinka is NOT Romanian, but a Hungarian drink!!! And here are the videos to prove it:

#1   #2   #3

Anyway “Our new record will be the perfect soundtrack for your future hangovers!”


Pic: Patrcik Principe < Here you can find many great photos about Voodoo Rhythm and other artists.


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