THEE DIRTY RATS the name of the bands that two brazilian animal who will play in Budapest at 14 OF MAY! We asked some questions to deeper understand the DIRTYRATSISM!

RNR666: Please introduce yourself, who is who and who play what?

Luis: We are Thee Dirty Rats from São Paulo, Brazil; since 2014, I am Luis Tissot I play cigar box guitar and vocals; Fernando Hitman plays the drum and vocals

RNR666: That brutal guitar sound is because of the cigar box guitar do you have, or you have some tricks? Please tell me more about your instrument!

Luis: I built this cigar box together with Fernando. We used parts of old guitars, a Wooden box from my grandma and a piece of an old window to make the neck. we didn’t spend money but it was a lot of work and we didn’t know If it would work or not, but the idea was to make something that would sound wild. I plug it in a hand made fuzz pedal and that sounded great! It ain’t got frets so it has to be played in a intuitive way it makes crazy feedback sounds very particular. I don’t know how long this guitar’s gonna last but has been good for two years and lots of crazy wild shows.

RNR666: Your sound is pretty weird. One part is old school rock n roll / blues and another is like dance punk / synth punk. I fuckin like that mechanical drumming!

Luis: Fernando developed his way to play drums to fit with the weird sound of the cigar box on fuzz. The songs are influenced by garage rock and punk which is our natural background but we also dig some new wave and old school hip hop beats. So we added a budget effect on the snare to sound more like it.

RNR666: Luis! You were here in HUNgary as one time Go-go Boy from Alabama >> full show here!<< and another time one from Human Trash, now you are going with duo of Dirty Rats. How many project do you have?

Luis: A lot of projects with different people all over the world. I love to play and record so I want to do as many as I can. I also play on Jesus And The Groupies, The Great Munzini and The Astonishing Sotos, Facka, Jazz Beat Committee

RNR666: At all, what are your memories from Hungary? Both times in Budapest was wild shows!!!

Luis: Most of the time thermal bath is fun. The Lovely friends make Me come back as often as possible.

RNR666: Tell me more about Sao Paulo music scene! Yeah!! who is that guy who run Scrap Metal Dealer records, i LOVE his artworks (covers and flyers)!!!!!!

Luis: He is Trash Colapso from Buenos Aires, Argentina (Oops, i thought he is from SP, sorry!). He is a great one man band and play in the coolest Argentina band Sarcofagos Blues Duo which I had the pleasure to produced their last two records at my studio “Caffeine”. Since 2005 I’ve been producing bands at my studio from garage rock to crust core. São Paulo have a strong punk, metal, hip hop scene and also some small gethos of experimental, noise, post punk and garage. it’s a good place to see live bands in small pubs. It’s a crazy city of 20 million people with a lot of social problems, unemployment, homelessness, lack of schools, poverty, drugs abuse, violence, street art, noise, it’s inspiring for sure.

RNR666: What merchandies are you bring on tour?

Luis: Thee Dirty Rats new 7″ Vinyl “traps and mass confusion” which is our 3rd release. We’re also bringing cassette tapes and CDs from preview releases. Thee Dirty Rats shirt looks good and some 7″ records from Jesus and The Groupies, Human Trash, Great Munzini and Bloody Mary.

RNR666: What do you do next playing music? How do you spend your days in SP?

Luis: Beside the studio work I hang around with my 9 years old son.

RNR666: Did you like in your childhood F 1, (there was many good brasilian racer) Senna or Fittipaldi possibly Piquet ? I used to like hahahah! I liked Fittipaldi very much but i hated Piquet.

Luis: Yeah sure Senna were our hero at the time the economy and politic was in a very bad situation, he made people forget for a Sunday about the shit times we were living.

RNR666: Your 5 favorites album all time?

1. Velvet Underground – V.U.

2. The Stooges – Raw Power

3. Rollin’ Stones – Exile On Main Street

4. Gun Club – Fire Of Love

5. RL Burnside and Blues Explosion – A Pocket Ass Of Whisky

RNR666: New brasilian bands what you can recommend to RNR666 readers?

The Blackneedles / Ballet Clandestino / O Lendário Chucrobillyman / Os Pontas /Gasolines / Bang Bang Babies / Mary O & The Pink Flamingos / Ostra Brains / Sonora Scotch / Rakta / Cadaver Em Transe / Vermes Do Limbo / Bloody Mary Una Chica Band/ Chuck Violence / Mayra Biggs / Autoboneco / Facka /

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