Synth punk Primitive Calculators have started in 1978 in same place and same time than the Birthday Party. After a single they relocated to London, in same time than the Birthday Party, and promptly broke up in 1980. But there was a post-split-up single under the name of  Zye Ye Ye in England in 1981. The first album was released in 1980. And there was a film Dogs in Space in 1986, in it they play Pumping Ugly Muscle. Also a single was released. Then they have reformed in 2009 at the request of Nick Cave for the first All Tommorrow’s Pary in Australia. Second album The World Is Fucked was released in 2013. And now here is a new single by Emotional Response (US, Flagstaff, Arizona).

like Tit Wrench or a punk Ministry or Screamers

The band intends to record a psychedelic-space-folk album about taking hallucinogenic drugs.

Also from Emotinal Respone LA punk Shark Toys / Florida indie punk UV-TV split 7″

Emotional Response was formed from 555 and Red Square Records after two owners married.


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