“Music has been the only constant thing in my life.”

Stomping Nick Jackman is a one-man-band from Lyttelton (Delaney Davidson also from there), New Zealand, who fuses primitive garage punk with rhythm and blues, boogie-woogie and Appalachian folk. The latter merges the Black, English, Irish and Scotch music traditions with the coal miners’ joy, sorrow and anger. And what is boogie-woogie? The phrase maybe comes from Bantu term “Mbuki Mvuki”. Mbuki: “to take off in flight”; Mvuki: “to dance wildly, as if to shake off one’s clothes”.


“I have tried to get a band like the Blues Grenade together with other people in the past but found it hard to find people who could understand the primitive blues aesthetic.” So he sings and plays harmonica, guitar and drums all at the same time, the old school way, without the aid of loop pedals, backing tracks, or any of those other fancy tricks. “The one-man-bands Joe Hill Louis and Doctor Ross are big influences – my act is based on these two artists.” But “The Gun Club would have had the biggest influence on me. Jeffrey Lee Pierce is the prophet. ”

In Europe in Cognac Blues Festival, France

Want to eat your breakfast with the sound of good music? At the Passions Village, for the end of the night or for early risers, come to the Tonic Day stage. This stage offers morning music to start a brand new day with Stomping Nick on 8 July from 16:15, and 9 July from 9:30 & 11:00.

from the brand new album

“Shake Your Cake” will be released by himself on 20 May

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