Bülbüls are a family of medium sized songbirds. In general they are resistant to human pressures on the environment and are tolerant of disturbed habitat. The song of the Bulbul is described as “the most unattractive noises made by any bird”.

BULBUL started as a one-man band in Wels, Upper-Austria, when Raumschiff Engelmayr, outfitted with guitar, drumcomputer and vacuum cleaner released a CD with a 600g handmade steelcover and began playing concerts disguised as space-indian. Then a bassplayer and two jazz reeds joined, then reeds quit, and a drummer has come. One of the most interesting bands in Austria.


Hirn Fein Hacken 2xLP (2014) repress OUT NOW by ROCK IS HELL RECORDS. Silkscreened cover, yellow vinyl: limited to 297 copies, clear vinyl: limited to 47 copies. Buy here

& SOMETHING VERY SPECIAL: here are the first 3 of Hilfreich Seit 1996 20th anniversary 10 + 1 single series. The bonus single only available at ten special anniversary shows, and when you pre-ordering the complete set. On the first 3: recordings with different line-ups, soundtracks for horror movie and cartoon, music for radio play, tour field recordings, unreleased songs, unused melodies from between 1997 and 2014. Limited to 84 copies/item OUT NOW by ROCK IS HELL RECORDS. Buy here.

Or: NEXT SPECIAL EVENT: bul’n’bul without skins’n’strings: just organ, synth and e-drums at Rhiz in Vienna on 23.4. More dates


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