BRONZE. Crazy and twisted Neue Kraut Welle from San Fransisco. Sometimes like a lo-fi Jean-Michel Jarre. They were released by synt-pop label Not Not Fun, electro underground Enfant Terrible, and avantgarde RVNG Intl. A live album will be released this month by John Dwyer’s garage rock/punk label Castle Face Records (US)

Dwyers (Thee Oh Sees) said about them: Always drunk with mad skills. With dashes of John Carpenter, Silver Apples, Liquid Liquid, Birthday Party, Harold Grosskopf, Klaus Schultze, Cluster, and Brian Ferry with a field recorder taped to his tux jacket. Ultra bottom heavy dance beats a la Brian Hock. Super hand-wringing oscillations home brewed by Miles Friction and the ever-great Robert Spector delivering homilies from beyond the dimensional wall.

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