NP221 Daisy Chains “Above Board” C26 (full album stream here)


Daisy Chains is a very responsive Minneapolis trio. Minimalist fuck you pay me post punk leanings intersect slow country drawl and rock and roll swagger in interesting ways to create something unique that also nods to greats such as Dead Moon, Beat Happening, and Opal.

NP223 Stefan Christensen “Isreal (Its More of the Same)” C32 (full  album here)


Stefan Christensen was the lead man in long running New Haven Connecticut arty DIY punk outfit the Estrogen Highs (e.g. Trouble in Mind, Telephone Explosion, Dead Beat or Southpaw Records), and hc-punk band Iron Hand.

He has walked away to a more abstracted discordant and subtle area of the post punk. Kiwi influences such as This Kind of Punishment, the Dead C, Alastair Galbraith and the Xpressway label sound stick out along with the Mike Rep Ohio scene of weirdo rock and the general goodness of early UK DIY as prime vantage points.

He is running C/Site Recordings. Now they have launched a store with releases available from Estrogen Highs, Stefan Christensen, Pieces of Fruit, Worn Leather, Mountain Movers, Medication, Phemale, and Jon Eriksen. First batch of cassette releases coming in the spring, which will include releases from Stefan Christensen, Medication, and more.


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