Enfant Terrible is a Dutch record label for electronic music. It has been founded in 2004 in Amsterdam. Besides new performers it also publish underground electro bands from the 80s. One of his sublabels for the danceable music is Gooiland Elektro. Noblesse Oblige is the upcoming album under this label. It’s a perfectly edited compilation with 6 different artists.


LCN and Osty are totally unknown for me and impossible to find them on the net. Anyway LCN is minimal, Osty is trance. Monocorpse from Holland is occult, ritual, monotone and primitive. I take it that the song Robert and Caroline is about a serial killer and his victim. Profligate (pronounced prof-la-git) from Philadelphia is retrospective rave wave. It’s Noah Anthony’s solo project. His highly entertaining band is Form A Log with three men who make music with 4-track cassette players. Future Blondes from Sehol, Texas are tribal industrial. Besides their acid pop tracks there are tiresome noise streams too. It’s a free form band of Domokos, performing member of Helios Creed/Chrome, Black Leather Jesus, Indian Jewelry, and drummer of punk band Rusted Shut, “one of the greatest Texas bands in the history of the universe” by Monofonus Press. Neugeborene Nachtmusik from Berlin is black. He said about his songs: battlefields just after the battle, but the song Yoshiwara (about Tokyo’s red light district) comes the Chemical Bros to my mind. And you can find easy cold dark danceable melodies on his brand new 7″ single which will be released soon by Petit Enfant, another sublabel of ET.

Monocorpse – Robert and Caroline + Profligate – Comeback +  Neugeborene Nachtmusik – Maze  and Kowakoma from the single + Neurobit – A Spin of Destiny

The last song is performed by Bas Welling, aka Former Descent. The Dutch musician is known as IDM, breakcore, 8-bit electro and African percussions artist. Under the pseudonym Neurobit he makes ambient droning a la Beequeen. It’s perfect background noise for your daily activity, for example to write a post to RNR666.

“Moira” mini LP on Vrystadt Records, lo-fi-psych-folk sublabel of ET.



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